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Below is the poster/cover from the 2012 Whitney M. Young Service Award Dinner:


I assisted with the launch of the new Laurel Highlands Council website, and kept the Outdoor Adventure areas up to date.  I also did most of the ticker images on the front page.

The launch of the new website went from a proprietary CMS to a national roll-out of licensed software, which presented it’s own set of challenges.

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More information about specific projects:

One year after Campaganza, to celebrate the creation of the Laurel Highlands Council (merger of Greater Pittsburgh and Penn’s Woods councils), MountainFest was held.  Over 2,500 Scouts and volunteers came to our council camp for the weekend.

I ran check-in for the event, coordianting between three offices and the parking staff, who were directing traffic to eleven locations, as well as ran a program area and staffed the front office for the duration of the event.  I provided support during the arena show, as well as during the time before the event when the staff were checking in and making final preparations.  I was heavily involved in the marketing and communication of the event, providing most of the pieces (postcards, flyers, newsletter spreads, e-mail blasts, websites).

To celebrate the 100th annviersary of the Boy Scouts, Area 4 of the Northeast Region held Campaganza, an event brining together 10,000 Scouts and volunteers at Moraine State Park.

I coordinated the religous services, as well as provided support for all areas of program, arena show and administration from event conception through the event’s conclusion.

I was the stage producer for Pittsburgh 250: Eagles at the Point.

The Boy Scouts produced the opening show for the Pittsburgh 250 celebration.  I was in charge of the talent on stage and coordinated their timing to coincide with the action taking place on far side of the Portal Bridge, unseen by the stage.

Launch the photo gallery.

We switched over from a local CMS to part of the national system, running Sitecore.  After helping with the initial deployment, I continue to provide content and graphic design to the site.

The site was originally created for the Greater Pittsburgh Council, which merged with Penn’s Woods Council to form the Laurel Highlands Council.

The Scout Shop (Supply Division) asked me to create a card to be blown up and sent to the National Council in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Scouting in America.  The card features art from Rockwell, as well as portraits of five of the founders of the Scouting movement.

For the first time, Heritage Reservation offered a DVD with multiple videos, selected from a menu.  I created the menu system as well as the screen viewers saw as they made their choice.


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