Today's Mighty Oak


The Story

A series of loosely collected one-shots run for my gaming Discord, great for trying out new character concepts, playing something out of the ordinary, and just playing a quick game! So far, we’ve jumped into Candlekeep Mysteries, and Keys from the Golden Vault.

The Players

Frizzle – Fire Genasi Ranger

Gen Rahl – Human Fighter

Kazita – Aasimar Cleric (Twilight Domain)

Maredar – Goliath Fighter

Mozadus of the Pale – Fallen Aasimar Necromancer

Oscar – Apeling Blood Hunter

Petrovna – Elf Druid (Circle of the Swamp)

Sulfras – Red Dragonborn Barbarian

Rhett Gladius – Human Fighter

Trib – Harengon Sorcerer

Morwen – Tierfling Rogue/Ranger

Kai Marsh – Water Genasi Cleric

Lyle Von Lynder – Human Rogue

Nysfyre Dethdragon – Black Dragonborn Blood Hunter


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