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Below is the poster/cover from the 2012 Whitney M. Young Service Award Dinner:

The Scout Shop (Supply Division) asked me to create a card to be blown up and sent to the National Council in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Scouting in America.  The card features art from Rockwell, as well as portraits of five of the founders of the Scouting movement.

For the first time, Heritage Reservation offered a DVD with multiple videos, selected from a menu.  I created the menu system as well as the screen viewers saw as they made their choice.


This is the invitation to the 2008 annual meeting, made to look like the “Learning from our building” series inside the McGinnis Center, where the meeting was held.

Below is the poster/cover from the 2009 Whitney M. Young Service Award Dinner as well as the response card, based on the famous (in Scouting circles) painting of the Unknown Scout giving directions to William D. Boyce on a foggy London street, leading to the formation of the Boy Scouts of America:



Response card cover:


Response card interior:


Response card back:

The program cover from the Volunteer Celebration, held at Heinz Field to celebrate 100 years of Scouting.  Also included are the patches and keychains given away at the event and the web ad used online to link to the event webpage.

Poster and treatment designed for the 2010 Friends of Scouting dinner, a gala celebrating 100 years of Scouting in southwestern Pennsylvania:

The Whiney M. Young Service Award Dinner celebrates volunteers who make Scouting work with inner city youth.  Below is the program cover and Save the Date mailer from the 2010 dinner.

As part of the deployment of our new website, I created ticker images to rotate on our new hompage, below are some examples.


I designed the artwork for the 2010 guidebook, printed in color for the first time.  Below is the artwork, and then the finished cover.

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