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I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Some are serious, some are funny, some are creepy (in a good way, hi, Nightvale!), and some of those I’ve listed below don’t exist anymore (but you can listen to their archives).  I hope you find something that will be entertaining and educational!  Aside from being in some broad categories, and trying to keep the ones that no longer update at the bottom of each section, there’s no real rhyme or reason how they’re listed.

 News Video
Anderson Cooper 360

News from Silver Fox!

The Rachel Maddow Show

I’ve always said that Maddow is one of the best interviewers on TV, and she doesn’t disappoint.  Sadly no longer the full show, so no Cocktail Moments.

Making Gay History
Interviews from the people who have made queer history.  So important to our history!
The history of our community.
Throwing Shade
A look at feminist and queer issues, by two comedians and their guests (and special voice characters).
Sparkle and Circulate
The podcast of the International Order of Sodomites featuring long-form interviews with the most interesting people.
The Sewers of Paris
Interviews with gay men about the media that changed their lives.
My Gay Life
Not the best audio or editing, but interesting conversations about facets of the queer community.
Hosted by comedian Carmen Esposito, in-depth conversations about language, theory and other topics of interest to the queer community.
In-depth conversations with gay men about their love lives, queer theory and how they survive the world, a new favorite!
New podcast from Slate about queer issues.
The Six Pack
No longer updated (partially due to Dave Rubin’s hard right turn), but a podcast in six parts with recurring segments, interviews and “Craigslist Missed Connections Set to Love Songs.”
Bend Over and Take It
No longer updated.  Gay news from Pittsburgh.
Queers and Beers
Sadly no longer updated, but a fun look at queer culture over a couple beers.
The Good News Podcast
Good news delivered every day from the team that brings you Cards Against Humanity!
Hope, support and inspiration, in ten minutes or less!
Pittsburgh Post Gazette True Crime
True crime from Pittsburgh. The first season looked at two similar but possibly unrelated murders, slated to start a second season (and will change album artwork).
Slate Political Gabfest
A weekly look at the biggest stories in politics, presented in roundtable format.
Slate Culture Gabfest
A weekly look at the biggest stories in culture, presented in roundtable format.
The Sit and Spin Room
Politics from twitter comedians.
Thinking CAP
Political conversations with some of the brightest minds on the left (with a special emphasis on immigration law).
Trends Like These
A more in-depth look at the news stories you see trending each week.
With Her
No longer updated.  The podcast of the Hillary 2016 campaign.  Includes a two-part epilogue about the release of her book, “What Happened.”
Convince and Convert
Short-form, communication podcast.
Clear + Vivid
Alan Alda interviews people who have used clear communication techniques to make a positive difference in the world.
For Immediate Release
Long-form news and case studies from the communication world.
Marketing Over Coffee
Another short-form communication podcast.
Dragon Talk
The official podcast from Wizards of the Coast about Dungeons and Dragons.  Watch out for the falling rocks!
Bone Stone and Obsidian
A show about my favorite DnD setting, the Burning World of Athas: Dark Sun.
The Soundtrack Show
Learn about music theory and how composers use music to tell the stories that directors do with their visuals.  Includes special movie track episodes.
Freakonomics Radio
Looking at the world around us through science, answering some unexpected questions.
Hello, Internet
Two friends who spend their time making Youtube videos discuss a myriad of topics.
Nintendo Voice Chat
IGN’s Nintendo news show.
Puck Soup
The latest hockey news and discussion.
This is Not for You
Each episode looks at one page of the book, “House of Leaves.”
Brew / Drink / Run
Friends who all homebrew, drink craft beer and run talk about those topics.
Negative Splits
A good look at running news and training.
The 1609 Podcast
A friend of mine was on this show!  They usually talk about specific races.
Human Race
No longer updated.  An amazing podcast focused on the personal, inspiring stories of runners triumphing over adversity.
The Runner’s World Show
Being retooled, on hiatus.  The podcast from the magazine, “Runner’s World.”
Reply all
Long form stories about the Internet.
Forked Up
The podcast from Thug Kitchen.  Great food and political topics.
No Such Thing as a Fish
The four best facts from the last seven days, and everything else that spirals out from those.  Highly recommended.
Stuff You Should Know
Depends on the topic if I”ll listen or not, but always educational.
Conversations with People who Hate Me
Talking with the people who leave hate and vitriol online.
Bunker Buddies
Comedians and amateur-preppers look at how to prepare for various apocalypse scenarios.
Sometimes the strangest stories are true, and these haunting tales are no exception.
Cabinet of Curiosities
Quick stories about some of the strangest, but true bits of history.
My Brother, My Brother and Me
An advice show for the modern era, complete with absurd questions from Yahoo! Answers.
Modern manners, as well as the historical significance of cultural norms.
The Adventure Zone
The brothers from My Brother, My Brother and Me and their father play role playing games!
The Room Where It’s Happening
On (almost certainly permanent) hiatus.  A show about the love of the Broadway musical, “Hamilton.”
 Mental health
Defeat the Stigma
Interviews about mental health issues.
The Hilarious World of Depression
A look at laughter and how to cope with depression.
Pro You
I don’t listen anymore (the audio got screwed up), but a podcast about self improvement and personal training.
The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air)
My absolute favorite podcast.  The behind the scenes story from the radio show at the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Beef and Dairy Network
A totally true (fictional) look at the beef and dairy herd industry, filled with intrigue, murder and espionage.  Absolutely hilarious.
Wooden Overcoats
Scripted comedy about competing funeral homes on a small British Isle.
Welcome to Night Vale
Public radio from the quiet, southwestern town of Night Vale, where literally every conspiracy theory is true.  All of them.
Good Morning Nightvale
The official recap show of “Welcome to Nightvale.”  The hosts are starting from the beginning, looking at each episode of the show.
Ten years ago, 300 people disappeared from Limetown.  This is their story.
New scripted show about monster hunters.
The Walk
Pulled from the smartphone game of the same name, walk the length of Britain to save the world.
Within the Wires
Secret messages in recordings reveal a new world.  I liked the second season much better than the first.
A story told weekly.  The first season was better than the second, but still worth a listen for the depth of reporting.
Examining lives lost and the culture of ‘Shit Town, Alabama.’
Missing Richard Simmons
Six-part documentary about the disappearance of Richard Simmons that I got hooked on almost immediately.
Comedy about the failings of the company trying to terraform Mars for human settlement.
It Makes a Sound
Trying to make sure that the world doesn’t forget the music of Wim Faros.
Scripted drama featuring some big names, lots of political intrigue.
Hello from the Magic Tavern
Improv comedy set in a tavern in a fantasy world.
Alice Isn’t Dead
Starts slow, but a great show once you’re into it.  A woman crosses the country searching for her wife.
36 Questions
No longer updated.  Three-part musical which had a horrible script, can’t recommend it.
Distorted View Daily
I’ve listened since 2005, crazy news and bizarre audio from around the Internet with media darling, Tim Henson.
Kinsey Confidential
Short questions and answers from the Kinsey Institute for Sexual Health.
Savage Lovecast
Based on the syndicated newspaper column, ‘Savage Love,’ Dan takes sex and relationship questions and brings in guest experts.
Pounded in the Butt by my Own Podcast
A new celebrity guest reads a ‘classic’ Tingler each week.
My Dad Wrote a Porno
Brilliant, cringe-worthy and hysterical.  Three friends are amazed at the lack of grammar, self-awareness and basic anatomy.
A slightly outrageous storytelling podcast.  The guests are usually great, although I hate the host’s storytelling style.
NoSafeWord and Ungagged
Podcast from the pacific northwest about consent, safety and events.  Ungagged is hosted by the younger guys and touches on more ‘101’ type subjects.

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