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Deepfreeze Campaign

The Story

Trapped in Icewind Dale, Dougan’s Heroes are trying to unravel the mysteries of this frozen land. The never-ending Rime and the unleashed forces of Auril, The Frostmaiden, have put Ten Towns on the brink of destruction. The heroes have already made a name for themselves, but between the goddess of winter, corrupted stone beneath their feet and Duergar attacks, survival is not certain. Based on the 5e adventure module Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden and the accompanying Plague of Ancients storyline.

Dougan’s Heroes

The players

Katkaria – Tiefling Warlock (Great Old One patron) and her familiar, Kye

Aloysius Algood – Human Paladin of Tyr

Milo Tealeaf – Halfling Sorcerer/Cleric (and Axe Beak SCOOTAL)

Trevoure – Half Elf Bard

Elandris – Void Elf Demon Hunter (and Axe Beak Burul)

Hagrim – Human Ranger

Guest Stars

Fire Roar – Kenku Sorcerer

Frizzle – Fire Genasi Ranger


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