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NaNoWriMo Campaign

Based on the adventure written by [Region] ML pistachio_ice_cream, these adventures take WriMos through a literay-themed virtual adventure suitable for a Write-In, providing lots of opportunity for word sprints and take away writing prompts to be used in their novel.

The Story

In part one, the group of writers stumbles upon Slushie’s Tomb, lured by the rumor of a fantastic trove of long-lost books. They explore the forgotten tomb, discover the truth of Slushie’s past and confront the guardian on the treasure.

In the follow up adventure, the party takes the tomes retrieved to the Avowed in Candlekeep. Before the scholars can begin to decipher them however, the party is led on a chase through the library-fortress as they scramble to keep the tomes out of the wrong hands.


Instead of rolling dice, when checks are made, participants are given time for a word-sprint. At the end of the time, the last digit of how many words they wrote determines the outcome, as if rolling a d10, or a scale of how many words were written provide the outcome of the check.

Each adventure is suitable for a two to three hour write-in and at the conclusion, WriMos are awarded additional plot points they can drop into their own novels, as well as all the words written during the adventure itself.

Behind the scenes

The Adventure, maps and all handout files are provided below. Writers do not need to have any experience with D&D to play, and the adventure can be easily run with simple screen sharing via Zoom, Discord or on virtual table top software such as Roll20 or Owlbear Rodeo.


  • Adventures
  • Map
  • Table of writing prompts
  • Virtual Table Top how-to


Resources are provided free of charge to MLs for use in their region during NaNoWriMo. Feel free to reach out to me on the site (site username: The Psion; forum username: The_Psion; region: USA :: Pennsylvania :: Pittsburgh) if you need assistance, or seeing if I’m available to run this as a virtual write-in for your region.

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