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Oops, All Dragons Campaign

The Story

The heroes race to stop the Cult of the Dragon as they aspire to rain terror across Faerun, and all of Toril! Based on the 5e adventure module Tyranny of Dragons, our heroes began in Greenest and have been following the trail of the Cult, as they race against time to save the world.

The Players

Rook – Wood elf druid (Circle of the land) along with Loros, faithful Mastiff companion.

Nala – Black dragonborn wild magic sorcerer

Syr’os The Extra Magnificient – Tabaxi wizard rogue (thief)

Grytaroth (Gryt) – Bronze dragonborn paladin of Selûne (Oath of Vengeance)

Guest Stars

Meryn – Dwarf cleric of Chantea (life domain)


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