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I made a Nation State, check it out:

Clicky the linky!

Life hasn't been too bad, I think my roomate and I will be moving to Aurelius next year (come and visit us!).

I feel like I've been burning CDs forever. Oh well, its cleaning up stuff from my hardrive, so its a good thing.

Tomorrow is Tuesday!

*Warning – Pissed of Lebanese ahead*

Wow, I hate red tape and stupid power struggles. If half of the members of administration would stop having these dick measuring contests life would actually be easier for students and we could have an enviroment that nurtures everbody physically, mentally and spiritually.

/end pissed off Lebanese

So this weekend will hopefully be good, its great weather, Cat is coming, and I get to see the show (possibly twice).

On a side note, I just tried Coke with lime…I like it!

Well, I got all my classes. Although at about 6:05, most of Gerry lost internet access, so Matt and I went over to my office, which was really slow, so we went to the Alfred Study Lounge. All worked out and we were back by 6:30.

CA 285 01 ELECTRONIC MEDIA Ms. Dinning PREP 219 –T-R– 11:30a 12:45p
CA 150 01 PUBLICATION PRODUCTION Ms. Dinning PREP 219 -M-W— 02:30p 03:45p
PL 232 01 AESTHETICS Dr. Leiner COMM 103 –T-R– 10:00a 11:15a
CA 235 02 INTRODUCTION TO WEB DESIGN Ms. Dinning PREP 219 –T—- 04:00p 06:30p
BA 101 01 ELEMENTARY ACCOUNTING II Mr. Wingrove ALFH 43 —-R– 06:30p 09:00p

Yep…no classes on Friday! Amy and I are going to bar (starting in October…and Mary is going to come too! Although she doesn't know yet…)

So apparently its a tradition to post schedules:

BA 101 Elementary Accoutning II
CA 150 Publication Production
CA 285 Electronic Media
PL 232 Aesthetics
CA 235 Intro to Web Design

God willing, that will be my schedule. However, two of the CA classes are hard to get into, but I need them to graduate, so hopefully everything will work out for the best.

As asked for by my adoring public (hey tmaster…let me dream (: ), here is my humerous column from the last issue of The Review

I officially deemed myself the busiest person on campus last week, but only for the week. Thankfully things have calmed down considerably this week.

Not that I was complaining, I was busy with things that I loved doing: this issue, the Plansbook for the Yahoo! campaign for Advertising Club, and putting the final touches on the Koinonia Retreat. But throw in eighteen credits, countless meetings and interviews and it creates a very hectic schedule.

Martha Stewart recently began the house-arrest stage of her sentence. She must stay in her mansion except for a maximum of 48 hours each week. I don’t think I spend that much time each week in my room in Gerry. But then again, I’m sure I couldn’t make a Cobb Salad quite like Martha could (I’ll leave that to Mary at Bravisimo).

This issue also marks a milestone in The Review’s history, this is the first issue printed since our office was rearranged. Not big news I assure you, but still a nice change for the staff and myself.

I discussed in my last column the strange affect college seems to have on time and I’d like to revisit that thought for a moment. After coming back from break it seemed that we had been back at school for weeks, possibly even months. However, we had only been back on campus for a mere five days. While at the same time, the individual days seemed to fly past. Just an observation of mine.

The prevalent memory in my mind from the last few weeks would have to be my falling a lot.
Please imagine those wavy lines that sitcoms use when they go into flashback mode (just for affect mind you).
I was in The Shack, minding my own business, I had bought lunch and was heading over the office to work on this issue. I was in flip-flops (because I really don’t wear anything else) which don’t offer the best traction (hindsight is always 20-20). I was not paying attention and slipped on a puddle of Pepsi.. Ever so gracefully I floundered and fell hard on my hip.

No real damage done, just mostly a bruised ego (due mostly to the table of freshmen laughing at me… such is life I suppose). With as much dignity as I could muster I recollected my lunch (with the help of a passer-by), put on my headphones and headed to the office.

Fast forward to the weekend. During the 30-hour-famine, Alpha Phi Omega hosted a leadership conference entitles ‘Launch.’ I was walking to Prep and decided to go down the hill, through Lot N and behind the pool to make my way across campus. Unbeknownst to me, the hillside besides Gerry was more or less a mud-slide. Once again I found myself on my hip, although this time I was also sliding down a hill.

After picking myself up and replacing my headphones, I headed back upstairs, quickly changed and high-tailed it over to Prep. If not for the mud covering my bookbag, I don’t think those at the conference would have believed me.

The moral of these stories? Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll keep falling (also because I still only wear flip-flops), but also because that is my nature. But each time I’ll pick myself up, brush myself off, put my headphones back on and continue on my way, that’s all I really can do. Hopefully we can all find ways to go through this process with a little more grace, balance and dexterity.

How the mighty have fallen…that will probably be the title of my next column in the Review.

I got a cell phone.

However, let me clarify, it was under protest. It was given to me. I was kicking and screaming (metaphorically of course).

My friend gave it to me for free, I'm using the prepaid wireless plan (as I need more minutes, I buy more minutes at a kiosk, I kind of like it). If you want the number, let me know.

On a side note, I got to be Episcopalian again!

Happy Easter!

I got a fortunie cookie at dinner today:

"Spend your life lifting people up."

I still don't see how I'm supposed to believe that I'm important…

On a side note, The Review comes out on Tuesday (my column on the back page is incredibly funny…it includes flip-flops, me falling multiple times, Martha Stewart and rude freshmen).

Koinonia tommorrow!


Wow, what a week coming up.

I was in the Review office until 11:30 tonight. I did my PR homework and started the next issue of the Review. That goes to press Thursday night. Also on the slate this week, two exams (one Monday, one Friday), five hour-long meetings, two Koinonia meetings, working on the Plansbook for Yahoo!, Interpersonal homework, accounting homework, research homework (putting together a survey) and somewhere in there I have to have time to sleep…

Oh well, after this week I'll be good.

I'm so excited for Koinonia this weekend. It's going to be so great!

Oh well, off to bed where I can turn off…


Well, the 30 hour famine is in full swing. I'm a little bit hungry, but I keep drinking water. It's a good thing, no matter what the Catholics tell me, I'm doing something good by helping to feed the hungry (sorry, small point of contention).

I gave Zach his mp3 player today, he was very excited. I was glad to be able to help. I really wish I was more useful though…

I've been listening to "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" almost non-stop. Such beautiful music.

Well I'm off to bed, I'm getting up at 7:00 to go volunteer at the food bank.


I just got back from the Food Bank. We finished really fast, faster than the staff thought we could.

I'm going to take a nap then go to APO leads, I think it will be a good time.

Mary and I made an executive decision last night. Since Wimmer is the Palace, Gerry is now Versailles (last night I retired for the evening to my chateau at Versailles).

Later tonight, all I'm going to do is study Marketing Research. So probably not, but that is the plan…


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