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I thought it was illegal to sell fireworks in pa

A player from my alma mater was gunned down while in North Carolina.

An impromptu vigil was held this afternoon as word spread.  WTAE and are both following the story.

I recently headed down to CMU.  I was getting the beta version of Tiramisu installed on my Android phone.  The team behind the app hopes to have it available in the next few weeks.  I was away for work, but I’ll be testing it some more and recording trips all this week and next to help them out (I ran out of things to test without actually riding a bus or watching them go past me, so I became useless for a few days).

Anyway, here are some observations from my trip, again, in no particular order.

I might have out-geeked some of the CMU students.  I have the R2D2 phone, which makes noises like it’s namesake when I get e-mails.  Which perked up some of the engineers from their coding work (it also plays sounds from Myst when I get a text, but that didn’t happen.  Yes, I have serious nerd/dork-cred)

There was a coffee pot sitting on a bench outside of Dougherty when I walked to the office.  It was still there when I walked back to my car.

I totally parked in the wrong spot.

But in doing so, I got to see a lot of campus.  I’ve been to their campus numerous times, I was the adviser for a conference held there a few years ago, which was nice, since most of the meetings were at night, I got to park for free, which sadly, does not translate on a Friday afternoon.

Campus is really, really big.  I went to Saint Vincent, which is a pretty compact campus (also, must smaller enrollment), surrounded by corn fields.  CMU seems to go on forever in all directions, and is surrounded by concrete and Oakland traffic.

I did not see Batman, the Batmobile or Catwoman, even though I was secretly hoping to stumble into Gotham City and need saving.

I don’t think I can embed youtube videos yet, but I wanted to share these two videos from Waffle Shop for your Sunday viewing pleasure.

First up, Bucks County Representing, which includes the following:

  • Speedos
  • Trips to Japan
  • Chocolate smells
  • The witness protection program
  • Phone technology

And the second is The Freak Hours, including:

  • Puppet shows
  • Searching through tags
  • Dental hygiene
  • More puppets

Happy Sunday!

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