Today's Mighty Oak

In 2004, the Pittsburgh Ad Fed held the first C2 competition. My partner and I designed the winning billboard, which was produced and displayed by Lamar. The competition brough together students from the greater Pittsburgh area to encourage young people to stay local after graduation.


After becoming Campaign Manager trained by the United Way, I was put in charge of Westinghouse’s kick-off event. Shown here is the flyer for the Remote Controlled Car Race which raised over $500 dollars and provided five cars for a local home for underprivileged children. (more…)

This event was the precursor to the Remote Controlled Car Race. Shown here is the flyer from that event. (more…)

I created this pamphlet for the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Academic Affairs to distribute to local high schools and incoming freshmen to promote their new Start Up program. (more…)

This is an advertisement I created for the summer Intern fair at Westinghouse. (more…)

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