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Alright, let’s see what’s going on.

First up: SEE?!?!  I’M IN DEMAND:

The (red band) trailer for the new Kick Ass movie, which I can’t wait for!

Instead of playing March Madness, you should play Star Wars March Madness.

I’m taking this as a sign that I would be a good parent.  Because I still have my parent’s set (and it goes away after we’ve been drinking, we’re not stupid)

Awesome typography/science posters.  A favorite:

You can tell the haters are really reaching for straws, when they’re attacking random swaths of all kinds of people: for adopting children.  And just remember, NOM is a certified hate group, hopefully this will make some other people notice.

So, my thoughts on the new pope: it’s awesome that he took the name Francis, as he’s one of my favorite saints.  Also cool that he’s a Jesuit, although I think that I always heard they had the sterotype of buying lots of land and making lots of money, which is the opposite of Pope Francis, who rode the bus to work!  Now, just like the other 114 cardinals, he still hates the LGBT community, women and you know, anyone who’s different, not that I expected anything different though.  More importantly, the new Archbishop of Caneterbury is enthroned on Thursday!

Because adding Batman is awesome:

E. L. James, the “author” of 50 Shades of Grey, is publishing a writing guide.  Excuse me as I go throw up.

Awesome note from a dad to his son.  It popped up in my newsfeed at work and I teared up a little bit:

This of course, comes after Rob Portman, sitting Senator from Ohio comes out for Marriage Equality.  You know, when it affects his son.  Yes, we’re happy that he’s supporting equality, but you should be able to see the need for equal rights without it personally affecting your immediate family.

Sooooooo, at the big conservative political gathering last week, there was a real life, true racist walking around.  Now to be fair, there are crazy people everywhere, but it’s fun to point this out.

John Green fills us in:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Quick update for everyone, hopefully I’ll be back with more soon.  First up, get ready for Bowtie Tuesdays, returning in September!  So for now, learn how to tie a bowtie with Bill Nye:

Apartment Therapy goes over how to disguise video games on a book shelf.  Seems like a lot of work, but I guess if you’re going for a certain look, go for it.

Yes, children should do their chores regardless, but I like this:

Man Made has a cool post up about using a sprinkler and paint to cover surfaces.  I imagine it gets clogged pretty quick, but still kind of cool.

BuzzFeed features two bizarre ads for a Philadelphia ice cream company.  The best comment, “IT PUTS THE ICE CREAM ON ITS SKIN OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN”

A hotel in England has replaced the Bibles in the rooms with…50 Shades of Grey.  An ingenious marketing stunt, I do have to say.

And Brandon Sanderson announced that he finished the final book (book 14) of The Wheel of Time.  There are still edits to do, but those will mostly be done by others.  It’s a great series, although I got distracted while in book 9, so I’ll be going back to get caught up.  I’m not sure what the status is of the rumored prequels and off shoots (three prequels and two off shoot trilogies), but I’m not really holding my breath.  Here’s the cover, and aside from “The Fires of Heaven,” it’s probably my favorite title in the series:

That’s it for now, but I’ll hopefully be back soon!

Quick update for everyone, let’s see what i Have this time.

First up, the Fifty Shades text generator.  Don’t use boring Lorem Ipsum, instead, spice up your fill-in text with poorly written drivel!

Posted next to an office printer:

And finally, probably the best way to surprise a child with the return of a parent from overseas:

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