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Alright. First up, here’s the roundup of Superbowl commercials. I loved the ones from GM, Paramount+ (even if we don’t need yet another streaming service), Bud Light lemons, Fivr, Klarna (just because Maya Rudoulph) and of course, the beautiful, beautiful, Michael B. Jordan for Alexa:

Clue, which had at one point been adapted into a comic series, is not becoming an animated show. We’ll have to see how this goes.

In politics, the GOP is spending its time, across the country, trying to restrict voting. Because that’s the only way they win (but they are very, very good at this, and this is a huge threat).

In exciting news, John Fetterman is running for Senate!

And lastly today, a new preview for The Nevers, which looks like a neat Victorian era Magicians, kind of. I’m excited for it!

Quick update for everyone, let’s see what I’ve rounded up this time:

First up, if you’ve seen the many parodies of “Shit Girls Say,” this is probably one of the more clever ones.  Although not accurate (unless it’s a silent order of course):

Following yesterdays political news in Iowa, BuzzFeed has 25 people google’ing “Santorum” for the first time.  Hilarity ensues.

One of the blogs I follow is UpADownA.  And they posted this very beautiful image of an oatmeal stout (my favorite kind of beer):


Makes me want to to drink a New Holland Poet.

George Michael (the singer, not the Arrested Development character) is rightfully pissed…after Christian groups were praying for his death while he had pneumonia.  Note to those groups: Jesus told us to love one another.  I don’t remember anything about hate.  You’re doing it wrong.

Today’s whoops from the Catholic Church.  I feel sorry for the kids though, but at least they got financial assistance.

I know it’s after Christmas, but here’s a really well-done animation:

That’s it for now, be back soon, have a great one!

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