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Alright, let’s see what we have today, first up, the new Google ear buds are going to change the world with live translations.

Stan Lee takes a stand against bigotry.

Fitz and the Tantrums’ new song is my new jam:

A touching tribute to Matthew Shepherd.

And speaking of, the politician who was saved by a married lesbian spoke at a convention dedicated to taking away her rights.

Oh hey, so did the president.  The first to do so.  He spoke at a convention that has discussed ways to pass legislation to put gay men to death.  Let that sink in.

Also in the horror show that is this administration, Jeff Sessions has rescinded protections for trans* people.

The president has also removed all mention of the queer community from the Health and Human Services department, meaning no mention of queer focused health initiatives.

And Jeff Sessions rescinded other protections for all members of the queer community.  These are things that affect people you love.  Be fucking pissed.

Okay, quick pallet cleanser.  The new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey takes the form of a Big Band musical number:

After the horrific shooting in Vegas, just a reminder that your thoughts and prayers do jack shit.  We need comprehensive gun control in this country, including a rescinding of the second amendment.

It boggles my mind that it takes something personally happening to someone for them to take action.  It is not that hard to actually think about other people and try to imagine a better world for them, as well as yourself.  But, predictably, when gun violence is close to a gun fanatic, suddenly, he realizes his mistake.  It infuriates me that it takes a tragedy like this for him to realize how wrong he is, but hey, at least he came around I guess.  I just won’t be patting him on the back for his sudden realization.

A Dutch news program takes on (with dark humor) the insanity that we live with here in the US:

Okay, the graphic designers have gotten a hold of the US map.

Speaking of graphic designers, a great SNL skit about fonts:

And if you can believe it, the man who created Papyrus, responds!

Stranger Things 2 (or the second season, not sure what to call it) looks amazing:

The president rolls back the mandate for birth control under health care, because he wants to drive up abortion rates, the cost of healhtcare and get rid of preventative medicine.  Just kidding, he’s a racist and since it is both something Obama put into place and a GOP wet-dream, it’s gone.

And I’ll just drop this here, the 10 things you need to know about Patriotism:

In good medical news, due to PrEP, there has been a huge drop in new HIV cases in England (where it was studied).

And finally, the amazing trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

All kinds of fun things today, let’s see what all I have for you:

First up, this is amazing and scary:

Copyranter has some ads for Playboy.  Honestly, I like them, they’re witty, and of course, NSFW.

Copyranter also posts some stunning ads for musical instruments:


Very quickly, Arizona is becoming a place I would never want to go visit.  I feel as though I need to save my friends who are living there.

Hot tub boats.  Exactly what they sound like, and they sound like heaven!

And a few fun political pics from around the Internet for you:

I do try not to be too political here on the blog, but some things are too good not to pass up.

Have a good one!

Just a real short update, two things really.  First up, the discussion has died down for now, but here’s an awesome (and short) article over at Slog about the Catholic Church’s “outrage” at the birth control mandate.

And this picture is just too adorable not to share:

Couple update for you guys, let’s see what we have:

First up, did you know that Bradley Manning was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?  Pretty awesome, especially the write up.

Since we finally have some snow (I’ve been singing Christmas Carols for a few days now), check out Snow Henge (via Copyranter):

Also from Copyranter, the village of Hobbiton in New Zealand is no inhabited by sheep, and the “best” ad campaigns of all time.  No real way to to judge “best,” although they are all iconic and important in their own ways.

The Ottawa library system is starting a “Human library” feature, where you can interview people of interest for 20 minute blocks.  This is an awesome idea, I really need to get a passport and head to Ottawa, this is just remarkable!

CPAC is an annual conservative conference, and sadly, one of the most hate-filled events of the year.  Speaking of, this year, they invited (and later refused to renounce) a white supremacy speaker.  Maddow covers it here and Slog covers it here.  Disgusting.

I’ve been following the birth control debate, although not as close as I probably should have.  Reproductive health coverage is a part of health coverage, and I think it should be included (and maybe we’ll get some advances in men’s reproductive health while we’re at it).  It’s about setting a basic standard of health, which the government is saying employers are saying they must provide.  That being said, I was upset that he backed down from the Catholic Church, but will still get the same result anyway, by instead putting the onus on the insurance companies, not the employers.  So I guess in the end, it worked out, I Just hate setting the precedent that one religious denomination can dictate government health coverage decisions.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Hello everybody, another update for you!

Check out this really cool interactive billboard from McDonalds, pretty awesome.

Here’s an incredible little story.  Father and son at the first and last shuttle launches:


I think we all knew this was coming, and honestly, I think it may even make reruns more relevant, and fun to watch to spot them, but now there are new ads inserted into old sitcoms.

Your daily dose of politics from me:

 Okay, one more link for you.

Worried about what will happen to your online life after you die?  Here’s the Dead’s Man Switch and a way to help plan your funeral.

I missed this the first time around, but part of the big news is that Scissor Sisters are doing some of the soundtrack for the New Fraggle Rock movie.  The other is, how did I miss there is going to be a Fraggle Rock movie?!

If only this shirt was still true:


Oh yes, how very true:


Quick update here, I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!

Speaking of, I wish I could have posted this yesterday for everyone.  But you know maybe for everyone celebrating Orthodox New Year’s…wait, what?

Best thing I found out during the holidays: Pita Chips are awesome!  Why did I not know about these before?

Good gravy, is Google really trying to break into gaming now?  And while it makes sense for them to be in casual games (Remember I posted earlier this year about Popcap games inside WoW), this is getting a bit much.  But hey, if they go in, and so does Apple, which has been rumored for years and I don’t think it will happen, won’t that be a nice little fun grouping of companies: Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Apple and Google.

I showed the original video a few days ago, here’s it backwards, which is really forwards:

City Paper has a pretty cool wrap-up of 2009, check it out.

Or you can check out Carbolic Smoke Ball’s.  I suggest reading both.

I’ve never read or seen anything to do with Twilight.  But to those who have, does this about sum New Moon up?

This is a pretty cool site, and I think I could spend a lot of time looking up words, but hey, I’ll be learning stuff in the process!

And finally, what I actually originally was going to post, the biggest 25 pop songs from last year, mashed up into one amazing track.

That’s it for now, I’m hoping to do two big posts this weekend (really though, if I get one of them done, I’ll consider it a success).  Have a great one everybody!

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