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Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up:

It ¬†may be almost 70 degrees (and I’m in shorts in January), this is awesome:

The White House has denied the request to construct a Death Star. ¬†But go read the response, someone is a great writer, and a huge nerd, it’s awesome!

A magical 3-in-1 connector from CES, seems strange it took this long to come up with this, but it should make Apple users very happy.

The Dark Knight Trilogy, condensed to three minutes.  Spoilers, obviously:

Violence erupts over the AP/Chicago manual wars.  Via The Onion, of course.

For all the Myst geeks out there, this totally reminded me of the entrance to Channelwood:

The Good Men Project takes on bathroom graffiti.  The image is worth clicking through.

What is less popular than root canals, used car salesmen and even Nickleback?  Congress.

I’ve been listening to this almost non-stop, I think the beginning of it is kind of bland, but halfway though it picks up:

Saving sound in a bottle, pretty cool idea.

Also via The Onion, so true, or at least, close to the truth:

Monks will now accept prayer requests via text, pretty cool!

JoHo has a good post up about the suicide of Aaron Schwartz, one of the founders of Reddit, and one of the creators of RSS.

While there were of course a wide range of things that made me change jobs, this certainly was up there among the top of the list.

Music recreated from The Hobbit, Part 1:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, today marks a congress of firsts. ¬†Check out the list here.

And let me just say how much I love the Vice President:

But as a reminder, the last GOP controlled house let the Defense of Women act inspire, while simultaneously refusing to vote on Hurricane Sandy relief.  Assholes is the only correct word.

Warning, this is hear-wrenching.  I pretty much lost it.

But to get rid of the bad feelings, the Good Men Project also presents the heroic men of 2012.  Amazing.

And finally, somewhat confusing, a fireworks display in reverse:

Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots:

Staples is looking to provide 3D printing in stores, pretty awesome!

HuffPo reports on the gene that predicts what time of day you’ll die. ¬†Creepy.

Want a tour of the ISS:

And finally, some politics.  The far-right is convinced that immigrants are socialists and just want to steal your wealth:

The GOP will authorize wars without paying for them, but they won’t spend a dime to help those affected by Sandy unless they get tax and program cuts.

Florida, like Pennsylvania, admits that voter suppression is the goal of voter ID laws.

And here’s a look at the diversity of the 113th congress. ¬†Holy crap, people born in the 1980’s are being elected (click for bigger):

That’s it for now, have a great one!


Couple quick things for everyone, more coming later.

First up, the definitive explanation of The Crown:

Hot on the heels of The Super Bowl, and really any professional sporting event:

We knew he was coming back, and here it is.¬† I think the fondu (which for the life of me, and spell check, I can’t write out correctly) was a nice touch:

This bottle sounds amazing, but I don’t really need any more, but maybe a reader is in the market.¬† Also, if you don’t read UpaDowna, it’s a fun site!

Again, Bill O’Reilly is a moron.¬† I can’t stress this enough.¬† Check out the background here, a bunch of fun photos here, including my favorite:

Did you know that The Pope can’t donate his organs?¬† Because that’s helpful.¬† Can we stop calling Catholics pro-life soon?

This looks amazing, and I kind of want to do it:

Rachel Maddow has a great post about what to do with the empty House chamber, since you know, they aren’t doing much.

If you’ve read Blink (I need to) or Tipping Point (I have), check out the Malcolm Gladwell book generator.

Check out this awesome map of good beer.  Also, poor Idaho!

And finally, my buddy Ken sent this to me, one of these days, I’ll finish Infinite Jest (after starting it probably 20 or so times).¬† It’s really my white whale.

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