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Quick update here, I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!

Speaking of, I wish I could have posted this yesterday for everyone.  But you know maybe for everyone celebrating Orthodox New Year’s…wait, what?

Best thing I found out during the holidays: Pita Chips are awesome!  Why did I not know about these before?

Good gravy, is Google really trying to break into gaming now?  And while it makes sense for them to be in casual games (Remember I posted earlier this year about Popcap games inside WoW), this is getting a bit much.  But hey, if they go in, and so does Apple, which has been rumored for years and I don’t think it will happen, won’t that be a nice little fun grouping of companies: Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Apple and Google.

I showed the original video a few days ago, here’s it backwards, which is really forwards:

City Paper has a pretty cool wrap-up of 2009, check it out.

Or you can check out Carbolic Smoke Ball’s.  I suggest reading both.

I’ve never read or seen anything to do with Twilight.  But to those who have, does this about sum New Moon up?

This is a pretty cool site, and I think I could spend a lot of time looking up words, but hey, I’ll be learning stuff in the process!

And finally, what I actually originally was going to post, the biggest 25 pop songs from last year, mashed up into one amazing track.

That’s it for now, I’m hoping to do two big posts this weekend (really though, if I get one of them done, I’ll consider it a success).  Have a great one everybody!

I hope everyone had a great Festivus yesterday, enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas!  And for your enjoyment, here’s what I’ve found lately:

I tend to think that Flash Mobs have been a bit overdone, but this one was cool, even if the music editing took some turns for the worse towards the end:

This showed up on SNL, and I laughed, a lot:

And another video to start off with, I don’t understand chemistry at all.  It makes no sense to me, I’ll stick to physics thank you very much.  However, I think this would have helped a lot:

Carblolic Smoke Ball has done it again, and by done, I mean made me laugh a lot:

Stuttering Caroler Ruins Christmas Concert, Repeats the Sounding Joy

They also report on the newly discovered letter of Saint Paul:

THESSALONIA, Ohio – Theologians are calling Saint Paul’s third letter to the Thessalonians, lost in the mail for 2,000 years because of insufficient postage, but finally delivered and opened last night, a “bombshell” because it urges that Christ be kept out of Christmas.

Breakpoint City, one of my favorite web comics, has once again reminded me that I should make a snowglobe.  Head on over and check it out, you’ll love it!

And here’s a video guaranteed to make you feel insignificant:

And following the ridiculous tradition, CBS cares.  They really, really care:

Really?  Do something “for your woman”?  And while I am glad to see this one including Santa (although I’m sure there are Santas out there who either claim, or really could fill in as a OB-GYN, don’t trust them if they smell like whiskey!), I’m still confused as to why there are ones specifically made for Christmas and Haunakkah. My mind explodes a little bit.

CBS Cares.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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