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Alright, let’s see what we have today.  Oh hey look, Drumpf is rolling back transgender health care.  We keep fighting.

And a gay teacher in Kansas was run out of town due to death threats for being gay.  When we say this country still hates us, we’re not lying.  We keep fighting.

Republicans introduce a bill to allow anti-queer discrimination in adoption agencies nationwide.  We keep fighting.

Thank you, to Garfunkle and Oates for hitting it out of the park with this song:

This makes me laugh, but it’s what we deal with all the time.  A person makes some bigoted remark about how he thinks gay people are going to hell and then gets all upset when the pushback happens.  The hypocrisy is staggering.

The trailer for the new Ryan Murphy show Pose, about the ballroom scene.

Let’s talk about gun control.  Thankfully, America’s Best Christian, Betty Bowers is here to have the conversation:

In case you forgot, PA state Rep (from north of Pittsburgh, so not my elected official) Daryl Metcalfe is a bigoted, misogynistic,, racist waste of oxygen.  He’s also been single handedly holding up the bills that would give me some equal rights in the Commonwealth.

HRC is hitting hard against Mike Pence, which is good to see them going on the offensive as he starts campaigning across the country for the midterms.

The BBC released a really good video about what homophobia feels like in 2018.

From a favorite youtube channel, Ask a Mortician, let’s talk about funeral strippers:

A bartender who was organizing a drag show that was “supposed” to be a satirical look at Hitler has apologized.  How does someone even think that is a good idea?  Words escape me.

Are you excited for Infinity War?  Do you like to crochet?  I have the link for you!  Crochet your own Infinity Gauntlet!

Speaking of The Avengers, the new movie will have an Arrested Development reference in it!  I must admit, I was so excited I decided to blue myself early and I have a little bit of a mess on my hands.

Randy Rainbow hits it out of the park again:

A Neural Network created new DnD monsters, and the results are pretty awesome.

Speaking of DnD (and crochet from above), would you like to make your baby look like a Beholder?  I mean, please don’t, Beholders are the worst.

GLOW comes back this June!  Check out the trailer:

And finally, it looks as though Labyrinth is going to become a stage musical!

Bonus update today:

First up, from The Gutters, check out this one, which takes a look at an upcoming crossover, and this one, which conquers a common problem:


Copywranter takes on free condom ads, which, since I’m a twelve year old, made me giggle.  He also looks at century old predictions from 1911.

The previously known as Colbert Super PAC, Building a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, is now the Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Super PAC, as he ramps up his campaign in South Carolina.  Awesome.  Make sure to check out their first ad.

Saw this a bit ago, on a fun note, I have the backpacking stove they feature in it.  Pretty awesome:

In drug-related news, Pot smokers have healthier lungs than cigarette smokers, and some people are claiming that the drug-war is killing more than alcohol or guns.  While I don’t agree with that based on the data presented, the war on drugs is still a colossal waste of time, money and resources.

He is a vile, horrible person, but I do have to give Santorum some props for selling sweater vests as a fundraiser.

Washington State is posed to have marriage equality (two votes short in their state senate), and as expected, the Catholic Church is butting into civil rights and urging citizens to oppose it.  Slog has a great rebuttal technique.

Wizards of the Coast is working on the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, and it’s being partially crowd sourced, which is kind of awesome.  The New York Times writes about it here.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading!

Another update for everyone, here we go.

First up, take a look at the 2011 year in movies:

If you are inclined, take a look at the top 50 memes of 2011.

Ever wanted to ride a swing while riding a subway?  Of course you have, check out the video here.

I’m unable to embed it, but we finally have a trailer for Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods (lots of Dollhouse alums).  Watch it here.

Funny or Die puts together D&D Character sheets for the Presidential Candidates.  Awesome, in such a nerdy way.

I missed it before, but…Oh little town of Baconham:


The band Hanson is going to be brewing a beer called Mmmmhop.  Awesome, but I don’t like IPAs, so I’ll be passing.

Pizza hut wins.  Total win.

Staples is going to be selling Dunder Mifflin paper, pretty awesome.

This is scary, take a look inside Amazon distribution centers and warehouses.

Graphic Novel giants take on each other in a fight about Occupy.

The top images of 2011. And 11 anachronistic photos from movie sets.

And finally, something that I thought i heard something about it before, but now it’s coming to market: condoms with a Viagara type gel inside.  No reason to not be safe!

And I’m back!  Enjoy some of this awesomeness as I continue to go through my e-mail, back logs of links and find all kinds of stuff from around the Net for you to enjoy:

Lifehacker takes you through the steps to disable Places on Facebook.  As with anything regarding privacy on Facebook, the steps necessary are long and involved (or at least, longer and more involved than they should be), but I did them this afternoon, so they aren’t impossible.

Did you know that the Old Spice man wants to be a superhero?  Check out his transformation here:

And in other amazing video, watch this deleted scene from Return of the Jedi, available on the soon to be released Blu-Ray versions.

I came cross a new blog, Better Book Titles.  A personal favorite (and what has turned into my white whale):

(It’s really Infinite Jest, which I have started and gotten about 100 pages in at least four times now…)

A Chinese mall has a new “rage center” where women can go in and smash items that were going to be thrown out anyway.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

This article is just blowing my mind a little bit:

Intel announced Tuesday that it had made the first chip that sends and receives information using beams of light…And the company expects to make one eventually that can transmit a laptop’s hard drive in one second and the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in less than two minutes.

One of the designers of the U.S. State Quarters has released a couple parodies, including this wonderful one of New Jersey:


China is planning huge buses that run on rails (so I guess it is a mix of light rail and bus) that cars can drive underneath.  Amazing:

Sharpie is developing a new pen that can be erased for up to three days before becoming permanent.  Crazy!

Check out historical events, if they had Facebook status updates.  My favorite is Issac Newton, way down at the bottom.

This has been floating around for a bit, but here’s the trailer for the movie adaptation of The Oregon Trail (not real):

And finally, for the D&D kids out there, here’s t-shirt designs for D&D inspired sports teams.  I love the gelatinous cubes (because who doesn’t love to say ‘gelatinous’) and the Displacer Beasts:

That’s it for now, but I should be back tomorrow, have a great one!

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