Today's Mighty Oak

One of the main reasons I subscribe to Misfits Market is to try new (to me) and unusual produce. Today, I tried a red pummelo

It’s not bad! A bit like a less tart grapefruit, but with a really thick rind, but generally pleasant! I’ve never seen these in stores before, but I’d certainly grab another in the future.

Quick update tonight before I’m back tomorrow with a larger one, here’s what I have for you right now:

From Buzzfeed:

I feel as though I need this.  Because I do: a handy chart to tell you what produce is in season when.

This came up twice on my Facebook feed, and I love it:

Check out more, and I think those of us in PR should be posting this one more often:

And of course, The Onion Nails it: Republicans, Leukemia Team up to Repeal Health Care Law.

Okay one more:

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