Today's Mighty Oak

Quick update, let’s see if I can get this in before my battery dies (I forgot to charge my netbook, and since I haven’t had it on in a while, it used all the battery updating itself and all the programs).

First up, a new look at Snow White and the Huntsman (which looks so much better, and darker, than “Mirror Mirror”):

And Copyranter comes through with an awesome outdoor campaign for shampoo, and for JP Morgan Chase.  Unlike Copyranter, I really like one of the ads, I think the art direction is amazing:

That’s it for now, back when I’m recharged!

Couple things for everyone:

Check it out, Lego Freddie Mercury!

Have you been defriended on Facebook?  Shatner is here to help:

Apparently, walking through doors makes people forgetful.  Strange.

Diary of a Part Time Monk, and awesome blog I read last year during Lent is being made into a book.  Pretty awesome!

Here are 15 songs you never knew the name of.  You’re welcome.

This is a cool reversal, a biracial performance artist uses whiteface to combat racism.

And finally, this amazing trailer.  Looks awesome, and again, I had no idea this was being made:

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