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Alright, let’s see what we have today.  First up, an awesome parody of the Cheerio’s ad:

If you didn’t see the news from E3, here is the trailer for the next Smash Bros game, which will include Mega Man!

So, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who helped to write the immigration reform currently working its way through Congress, will vote against it if it includes protections for the LGBT community.  And in case that didn’t convince you he’s a total asshat, he also thinks people should be able to be fired based on their sexual orientation.

And Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks that we should be able to discriminate against non-Christians.  Because Christians are a harassed minority, or something like that.  Read Goldy’s piece, it’s well written.

I’ll have a longer post up soon, but Pittsburgh Pride was this weekend.  This is not from Pittsburgh, but a great sign nonetheless.  And it is great because the only way to respond to hatred sometimes is with childish humor:

We just made it through national visitation, so my summer will slow down a bit for now.  I’ll be back to posting more regularly in a few days.  Until then, I’d like to present you with the following video:

Well, this is my second attempt at this post, everything crashed, and I know I lost two articles, but nothing that we can’t live without, so we’ll just muddle through.

First though, watch this trailer, which is to my favorite book in the series:

This made me very happy.  Mostly because I’m mean.  But happy.

Do you want a printer made of Legos and a marker:

Lost may be over, but ABC will sell you merchandise, including the best onsie in the history of the world:

You can also purchase some cool posters here.  I like the number 8 rabbit one.

I can get behind this immigration checkpoint:

Want to go into space?  How about just your picture, which comes complete with an official flight certificate.  Only two chances left!

And finally, I don’t really trust the guys from the Mysteria Film Group, mostly because they just kind of inserted themselves and made themselves official.  I’m sure there is all kind of stuff going on behind the scenes that I don’t understand, but I think it’s when they called the fans “they.”  Just rubbed me the wrong way.  I wish them the best, I want them to succeed, I’ll be the first in line here in Pittsburgh, but I still don’t have to trust them.  Anyway, it’s a great tour of Cyan Worlds’ studio and a fun time with Rand:

Cyan Visit from Delve Films on Vimeo.


Have a great one everybody!

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