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Alright, let’s see what have today. First up, and most importantly, a reminder for November:

Tom Holland and Chris Pratt want to start an Avengers DnD game and I’m all for it!

This comic is relevant to my career.

There were so many things I loved about Mayor Pete (and of course, things I didn’t), but his representation matters so, so much. Here is just one example of it, something I would have never dreamed of seeing growing up.

Also in political news, and especially after he’s been attacked for it, I love this ad from Bernie.

And in great news to help flip the Senate, Democratic challengers are leading in four tight races against incumbents!

An amazing look at the sets of The Mandalorian.

Aaron Schock is fucking trash.

Romero’s Day of the Dead is getting a new treatment as a short-run series on SyFy.

But in sad news from SyFy (although not wholly unexpected), The Magicians will end at the end of this season. An amazing show and book series, although both very different from each other.

And finally, bringing it back to the comic linked above, here’s some trucks in a towing contest:

Update for everyone, let’s see what we have.

First up, this was actually posted by The Drunk Yinzer:

In a cocktail moment from Maddow: Bacon!

A fun parody of It Gets Better:

How cool is this, Obama read “Where the Wild Things Are” at the annual Easter Egg roll.  Although I love his faces, I’m going to have to say Christopher Walken was better (since there is audio of that).

And from Better Book Titles:

The fun thing is that both Better Book Titles and Sword and Laser are reading this as their book club pick.  It’s an amazing book, you really should read it!

Hug a Coke machine and get a free drink:

A new, promising type of treatment for cancer is being developed in the UK.

You shouldn’t drive and text, nor should you walk and text:

So true:

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back with more soon!

Another quick update for everyone, here’s what we have this time:

This is such an awesome idea, glad it won a best-of at CES:


Aside from the whole vandalism thing, this is really well done, check out this Mitt Romney ad.

And then there’s this:

Lev Grossman has an update about The Magicians TV show which is being written, so excited!

Copyranter says it’s unfortunate placement, I think it’s hysterical:


Gardening with Doug (from the PG) has an article about plants that clean the air inside.  Sadly, spider plants are on the list.  I’m probably the only person in the world to have killed their spider plants.  Which is weird, I can usually grow most things.  Guess I’ll have to try again.

Quick update for everyone, let’s see what I have for you today:

First up, just a reminder for everyone:


I could go on, but let’s remember, if God is more concerned with a football game than starving children, people dying of disease, natural disasters, etc, I would rather find a new religion, God wouldn’t deserve me.  Thankfully though, that’s not the case.

Need a primer on how primary elections work?  I did:

If you need a good laugh, and cry, check out Clients From Hell.  It’s bad.  And so, so true.

This is one of my favorite bits from stand up ever.  It’s from Patton Oswalt’s new special, and is amazing:

Pensblog covers why the Pens have been on a four-game slump: the Elmo Balloon died.

Over on his blog, Lev Grossman has a fan-created image of when Alice first saw Brakebills.  This is amazing:


That’s it for now, have a great one!

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