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Alright, let’s see what’s been going on.  First up, did you know that Harry Potter makes you more understanding of others?  It’s true!

Joseph Gorden Levitt writes about Star Wars: The Last Jedi (spoilers,obviously).

Like me, do you need a chart to see who owns the rights to which superhero?  Well this chart is handy (but won’t be accurate for long, I’m sure).

Super Mario Bros. in ragtime:

These are really bad times for queer people.  Just recently, the federal government has taken steps to allow doctors to deny services to anyone because they’re part of the LGBT community.

A new study has shown that 40% of LGBT high school students have considered suicide due to bullying because they’re queer.

The majority of people still think it’s okay for businesses to discriminate against queer people.  And the Supreme Court denied an appeal and Mississippi’s law allowing businesses to discriminate is able to stand.

Waste of oxygen and poor excuse for a human being, Mike Pence, will officially lead the US Olympic delegation and openly gay figure skater Adam Rippon is having none of it.

And in other slightly better news, Senator Doug Jones’ son, who is gay, stared down Mike Pence at his father’s swearing in and it made my day.

Here’s the Star Wars Cantina Theme played with pencil and paper, writing out a math equation:

In better news, a new ruling from the International Court of the Americas (didn’t know that was a thing) is bringing marriage equality to a lot of different countries (potentially)

And new year’s resolutions for gay men (and everyone, in some cases).  And speaking of resolutions, Surviving the World has a great coming about them.

Watch a Katana disappear.  Makes me think of the novel, “The 50 Year Sword”

Quite possibly the best thing ever, a T-Rex conducts the Jurassic Park theme music.

Pittsburgh non-profits come out hard against the PG and it’s owner’s racist editorial, published on MLK Day.

And finally, a great little comic about our place in the universe.

Let’s see what I have today.  First up, the track sampler of Mika’s new album:

If you haven’t donated yet, there is still time to donate to help build a Tesla museum.

ManMadeDIY has an awesome post of funny WiFi network names (click through for more):

Pretty ingenious, although I’m sure it will be obsolete (I’m hoping to be able to record a hologram of myself), QR codes on gravestones.

A fun beer commercial:

And my favorite post from This Advertising Life this week!

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Alright, let’s see what I have today for everyone.  First up, this cool map of London that replaces all the labels with movies:

The Oatmeal has an awesome article up, “How to Suck at your Religion”  Make sure to give it a read.

And again, I’m posting it because it’s funny, and I can have the sense of humor of a five year old.  Also, learn to kern.

This is fairly amazing.  No really:

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back with more soon!  Have a great one!

Quick update, let’s see what I have.

First up, an amazing episode of The Flog this week from Geek and Sundry:

You should go read this amazing cartoon from The Oatmeal.  You’ll even learn some things!

From Depressed Copywriter:

And Team Geek and Sundry Faced off against The Nerdist on All Star Bowling:

Quick update for everyone, let’s see what I’ve rounded up this time:

First up, if you’ve seen the many parodies of “Shit Girls Say,” this is probably one of the more clever ones.  Although not accurate (unless it’s a silent order of course):

Following yesterdays political news in Iowa, BuzzFeed has 25 people google’ing “Santorum” for the first time.  Hilarity ensues.

One of the blogs I follow is UpADownA.  And they posted this very beautiful image of an oatmeal stout (my favorite kind of beer):


Makes me want to to drink a New Holland Poet.

George Michael (the singer, not the Arrested Development character) is rightfully pissed…after Christian groups were praying for his death while he had pneumonia.  Note to those groups: Jesus told us to love one another.  I don’t remember anything about hate.  You’re doing it wrong.

Today’s whoops from the Catholic Church.  I feel sorry for the kids though, but at least they got financial assistance.

I know it’s after Christmas, but here’s a really well-done animation:

That’s it for now, be back soon, have a great one!

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