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Alright, catching up on a bit of a backlog in addition to some current items, but let’s see what we have today. First up, a favorite web comic/series, Surviving the World is returning with classic reposts! Here’s where he ended it. Class Dismissed.

Science news you can use: don’t drink your whiskey ‘neat’:

The United Methodist Church is splitting over gay issues. As someone who has come out of that on the other side, hey welcome, it’s a bumpy ride. Sorry you have to do this, it’s painful.

This fight (is still going on all across the country) happened in September in Arizona. Their GOP governor said they don’t need to extend non-discrimination protections to gay people, and their supreme court said businesses can deny service to gay people. The fight continues, and is seemingly never ending.

In other disturbing news, the Interior Department cut sexual orientation from their internal discrimination policies as well.

I wrote earlier about my displeasure at Marvel (and Star Wars) for LGBT erasure. The upcoming film, The Eternals, will, for the first time, feature a gay superhero (and kiss). Yes, it’s progress. Should it have taken 11 years? No.

In other movie news, the trailer for the new Wes Anderson film looks amazing:

If you haven’t, check out Eastsiders on Netflix. It was an amazing series, and here’s an interview with the creator.

Stranger Things 4 gives us a present from Russia (with love).

In good news, a New York state park will be named for Marsha P. Johnson!

The Church of England said sex is only for straight, married people. Then they apologized for offending people, not actually changing their minds.

Firefighters who got angry comments when they showed their support for the queer community hit back in an awesome video.

NASA is adding a luxury hotel to the ISS. Spoiler, if you’re reading this, you will not be able to afford visiting.

An awesome video from a favorite creator that I’ve been mulling over: death and minimialism:

The Utah Governor pulled the campaign that put AMAZING art on condoms to prevent STIs. They’re all great, and it’s a shame he pulled them.

Speaking of, the UK has seen a massive decline in HIV infections due to PrEP. No surprise there.

The Catholic bishops in Texas have blasted their governor (who is Catholic)over his rule to not accept refugees. I’m highly, highly critical of the Catholic Church, so I have to give them points when it’s appropriate. Good for them.

Disney is announcing more details of their immersive Star Wars hotel for their resorts, and it looks amazing and I can’t wait to go!

Google pretty much hit it out of the park with their Superbowl ad:

And another great ad, this time from Microsoft:

Update for everyone, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, in major Pittsburgh news, a new program called “Mister Rogers for Adults.” is creating a series of short clips to air before movies and online. ¬†I love Mister Rogers so much, so this is just amazing. ¬†Check out the story here and subscribe via YouTube here.

NYC may be getting an underground park.  Which would be a cool compliment to the raised park that is nearing completion:

In sad news, the famous falling bear was struck by a car and killed.

To make you feel better, watch this video about dogs riding in cars.

MaddowBlog covers the new scare tactic by those who ignore science.

North Carolina will vote in less than a week to inscribe anti-marriage equality into their constitution. ¬†In a strange and sickening turn, the effort has been endorsed by a White¬†Supremacist¬†group, after it was¬†revealed¬†it was written to “protect the white race.” ¬†If that makes no sense to you either, don’t feel bad, it doesn’t to me. ¬†Unless they were more concerned about the news that gay couples are more inter-racial and inter-ethnic (could someone explain the difference to me, please) than straight couples.

To cleanse your palate after that sickening development, watch this video on full-screen with the sound on.

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