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Alright, let’s see what we have today. First up, the stories behind the names of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.

The stories within stories: the fictional books we wished were real.

The recurring jokes of Arrested Development.

New Looney Tunes are coming to HBO Max and this is making me want to subscribe:

The PG (granted, it’s become a right-wing rag on the editorial side) has a neat interactive site about the bridges of Pittsburgh. Note this may be behind a paywall, I think it was one of my three free articles when I read it.

Dolly Parton secretly executive produced Buffy! And we just now found this out!

A DM and a set designer created a DnD adventure in a dresser! Each drawer is new level of the dungeon!

We’ve all been doing a lot of virtual exploration of place, and the British Museum recently revamped their online collections.

Speaking of, need some peace in your life? Check out the livestream of the Northern Lights!

Because there is such a need for blood right now, the FDA has reluctantly allowed itself to accept blood from gay men, as long as we don’t have sex for three months. They still don’t want our blood, but they realize they need it.

The Atlantic has a great piece about pandemic fatigue, how we should approach it both in ourselves and others. The article also covers the similarities between COVID and the HIV pandemic: they’re very, very similar, just on a different time scale. Be kind to yourself and others, be as smart and safe as you can.

Also in Pandemic related content, CGP Grey’s new video about it. While I will disagree, I think that for many, just surviving is enough (instead of creation of coming out ‘better’ in some way), this video has great tips about how to survive our new reality:

Dumb Runner, The Onion of running, hits it on the head: Local runner cancels backyard marathon, refuses to offer refund.

New research shows that Antarctica used to be a rain forest. Global tectonics and climate history really are awesome!

The voice of Big Thunder Mountain looks exactly how you think he does. And that is comforting.

The trailer for the new Netflix show ‘Hollywood” looks really fun:

Myst is set to become a TV Series….for the third (?) time. I’m excited, but will believe it when I see it.

Slog has great coverage of the white privilege of protesting stay at home orders. Worth a read.

An artist created a chandelier that forms as it collects rain water, and it’s beautiful!

That’s it for today, but I’ll be back soon, have a great one!

Shocker, people are idiots.

It’s decorative gourd season!  Check out this video years in the making:

Kids can become certified ninjas in Japan!  Well, close enough, at least!

A photographer added Pennywise into the engagement photos she did for her sister.

An awesome local protest piece of art here in town.

I”m so excited for Black Panther, check out the new trailer:

What happens with Chris Griffin and Pinky read Star Wars dialogue?  Tons of laughter.

Disney brought real sloths to the DMV to recreate Zootopia.  I’m so jealous!

Wizards of the Coast has pulled together some statistics about the most common race and class combinations, it’s pretty interesting.

Mika’s new song has dropped, and it’s catchy:

Another mystery solved: the scrolling text from The Matrix was a sushi recipe.

As always, XKCD makes a great point.

The trailer for season 3 of Eastsiders looks great (and even includes a stop in Pittsburgh)!  But sadly, Colby Keller is in it, so I may not watch it because of that (although I think this was filmed before he was doubling down on his white privilege):

That’s it for today, have a great one!

Okay, big update for everyone, so here we go.

First up, this comes from Slog, and is fantastic:

Two weeks ago in his column, Dan Savage eviscerates Maggie Gallagher.  It’s wonderful to read, check it out.

Video Games will now have their own category in the Grammy’s!  Thank goodness.  Baba Yetu won last year for best instrumental (I linked to it before, and it deserves it, it is such a good song, especially the duet version).

Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, is back!  And now she’s addressing the masses:

Catholic Vandals in France destroyed “Piss Christ.” I’m not familiar with the work, but apparently it’s quite famous.  They assaulted a guard and attacked the photo with an ice pick, which just sounds viscous.  It always makes me sad to see art destroyed.

A few months ago, Gawker redesigned their family of sites, and they are horrible to try to navigate now.  Here’s a graph of their traffic, can you guess when the redesign went live:

It’s nice to see the Democrats actually go on the offensive for once, and the ad is a lot of fun (if not sad):

Also in politics, remember the phrase that those who protest the loudest against [insert any cause] are usually actually personally involved in [cause].  See: Larry Craig, et al.  Well, the Tea Party member of the state congress of Montana who tried to removed all equality for LGBT citizens?  Yeah, she’s a lesbian.  When will politicians learn that this pattern is clear?

Want to see something fun and cute?  Check out Cute Roulette.  It’s like Chat Roulette, but with (presumably) no penises, just lots of baby animals!

You’ll have to excuse me while I laugh.  Considering he is the man who after a rant of anti-Semitic slurs called a cop “Sugar Tits,” Mel Gibson has the gall to say he has never treated anyone badly, and certainly not for their religion or gender!

That’s it for now, have a great one!

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