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Alright, I’m back, have a couple bigger updates to get caught up after my month of writing a novel, so here we go.

First up, an awesome ad from Germany:

Slog shows off the Book Vending machine.

Waaaallllmmmmaaarrrrttttt cccccaaaarrrrreeeessss:

Need an emergency compliment, for yourself or someone else?  Click here.

The Whiskey Advent Calendar. ¬†I don’t have anything to add to that, actually.

Awesome stunt by Best Buy on Black Friday:

I love Pantone, but even I think this is a little much.  But when you have to match colors, I guess you might as well go all out.

Anderson Cooper gets in an awesome burn on Twitter.  So fantastic and gratifying to read.

Let’s assume that this is in celebration of Movember:

And for some politics, guess what percentage of the popular vote Romney got. ¬†No really, go ahead and guess. ¬†You’ll never guess what percentage he got. AHAHAHAHA.

The Good Men Project breaks down what the electoral college map would have looked like had only white males voted, and MaddowBlog breaks down some other really cool maps as well the result of the gerrymandering that went on after the last census.

And if someone complains that the Democrats don’t care about the deficit, just show them this link.

Let’s see, quick update for everyone. ¬†First up, I finally found a cool voter resource. ¬†Put in your address, it pulls up your choices (down to local representative) and you can send to yourself an info page including polling place. ¬†Check it out here.

Here’s a reminder for you though:

More info about it here. ¬†And Romney’s¬†disastrous¬†history of emergency management. ¬†And a Republican campaign manager tweeted known false information last night during Sandy, resulting in more chaos. ¬†Like yelling fire in a crowded movie theater, this may be illegal, and he’s being investigated.

And here’s a cool NYT editorial about the government’s response to Sandy

And lastly, nothing to do with politics, this awesome family circle (easier than a tree) of mythological gods.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

First up, Joss is amazing:

So, Hurricane Sandy, which is huge:

Is causing people to do strange things:

And has pushed back Halloween trick-or-treating for a lot of communities.  Which gives you time to study:

And just a reminder, Romney wants to defund FEMA.

But in better news, check out this funny disappointing day-planner.

And if you haven’t checked out today’s Google Doodle, make sure you do, it celebrates this birthday:

Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, we now know what the tubes of the Internet look like:

If you need some good sports news after the Lance Armstrong scandal, check out this touching story from The Good Men Project.

The Good Men Project also has a cool time-lapse video from the LA Times of the trip of the shuttle Endeavor.

Remember how the republicans have been shouting from the rooftops about voter fraud?  And remember how those who fight against something the most are normally committing it themselves?  Yeah, republicans are committing more voter fraud.

Romney is also possibly getting into the illegal by asking employers to tell their employees how to vote.

Here’s the Lego version of the space jump:

The big Seattle newspaper is giving away free political advertising, but only to one party. ¬†They are stating it is to prove how effective their advertising is, so they can gain more business in the future. ¬†Kind of strange, and throwing objectivity out the window. ¬†Now, to be fair, they can throw it out the window, but then they can’t go back and claim to not have a bias. ¬†Anyway, a good portion of their writers have signed on to a letter, saying the policy affects their journalistic integrity.

Ben Stein went on Fox news and told them that to fix the economy we have to tax the wealthy. ¬†Also, I had no idea he didn’t believe in evolution. ¬†Guess he isn’t as smart as I thought.

This has been floating around, a great response (from a fake CEO) about maxi pad commercials:

Marriage equality is on the ballot in four states (and I have friends in each one of those states), so here’s a reminder: instead of you know, helping the poor, as Jesus said, the Knights of Columbus spent over 15 million dollars fighting equality. ¬†Guess you didn’t really need to help the sick either:

And lastly about politics, a play written by Dan Savage about Obamacare (via Twitter).

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more!

Alright, let’s see what we have, first up, this amazing performance by the OSU marching band, the amount of cheering is awesome:

The Tom Hanks/Nerdist typewriter saga.

Since we can’t learn about his tax returns, we can instead, make stuff up. ¬†Sounds legit.

And this is just asshatery at it’s finest. ¬†Much like the owner of Papa John’s saying that if Obama is reelected he’ll have to raise pizza prices for his customers.

Angry Birds Star Wars is coming, and I’m excited. ¬†Cautious, but excited:

PTSD is absolutely¬†vicious, and the VA at best sometimes, seems¬†incompetent. ¬†Will this work, I’m not sure, but I hope it can at least bring some conversation to the table at the condition and how we can work together to support our veterans.

ManMade DIY has a flow chart on how to pick the perfect apple.

If it weren’t for all the tunnel construction (and my schedule), I would go to this play, looks pretty amazing! ¬†And it’s done with Zunes!

I’m so glad that this is now a thing:

I don’t think it will work, sadly, but a valiant effort to have a reasonable conversation about gun violence.

This just confuses me, but I want to make one!

And if you haven’t read it, Chris Kluwe once again knocks it out of the park. ¬†Or I guess I should use some sort of football analogy.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more!

Alright, let’s see what’s going on today. ¬†First up, in case you didn’t hear, from the lips of Mitt Romney and Lucille Bluth:

And on that note, the Million Muppet March.

And in case you forgot, the testimony from Mr. Rogers in front of the US Senate that saved PBS:

And lastly on the subject, from my favorite astro-physicist:

In more political news, the PA voter ID requirement has been delayed, but the state is lagging behind getting that information out here. ¬†Rachel Maddow’s show had some fun with it:

As a complete and total no-brainer, access to contraception reduces the abortion rate.  Thankfully, Obamacare does just that, provides free and available contraception options to women.

And lastly in politics today, this is floating around, but give it a watch, it’s great:

There is a new captcha system, that brings light to human rights abuses.  Pretty awesome if you ask me:

And leaving politics for a little bit, for those of you eager to celebrate Halloween, check out how to make this awesome pumpkin keg.

Or even better for Halloween, printable poison labels:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Alright, let’s see what we have today.

First up, in horrific news: bacon shortage.

This is just awesome:

One of Mitt Romney’s sons is mean. ¬†Just saying.

And the awesome Mitt Romney/Lucille Bluth mashups, a favorite:

This will totally be my brother and his wife’s child (if and when they have kids, as far as I know, not in the works):

It’s funny, because now Gov. Walker wants unions….:

This is pretty amazing, How I Met Your Mother in under a minute:

Amtrak is testing 165 mph trains!

Scott Brown’s staff made a really racist video about Elizabeth Warren. ¬†She hits back:

And finally (a lot of video today), remember Shit ___ says?  The creators talk:

That’s it for now, have a great one!


Real quick update today, first up, Copyranter has some of the best ad installations:

I think I posted about the flea one before, which is amazing.

And really, this guy is running for President? ¬†I don’t think politicians should have Ph.D.s in physics, just some sort of common sense, please:

Update:¬†Romney said it as a joke. ¬†Thank goodness! ¬†I guess the press is still working on understanding Mitt’s own dry sense of humor. ¬†But here’s the big takeaway from the article,¬† he’s 65? ¬†Really? ¬†I’m a really bad judge of age, but I don’t think he looks 65, he looks much younger!

That’s it for now (see, real short), but I’ll be back soon. ¬†Have a great one!

Alright, let’s see what I have today. ¬†First up, fun WTF posters:

This is what annoyed me about college, especially freshmen year. ¬†Students who didn’t know how to live away from home. ¬†Apparently, now it’s even worse with students paying for disposable sheets, cleaning services and deliveries of snacks.

Beer-drinking chart:

Internet Addiction may be linked to the same gene that makes one more susceptible to nicotine addiction.

Awesome accidental photos from Google street view.

A primer on how to ride the subway:

A vial of John Paul II’s blood was stolen and then recovered. Creepy.

A schism in¬†atheism? ¬†Never thought I’d hear of that.

The Ohio Art company is once again cashing in on the Etch-a-sketch, and I don’t blame them at all:

The richest women in the world thinks that those who are poor are just lazy and should work harder.  Like her, you know, since she inherited $30 billion from her father.  You know, hard work.

This is just shameful: remember a few weeks ago Romney had a rally in Ohio that was attended by “enthusiastic” coal miners? ¬†They were forced to attend by their employer, and not paid for that day, either.

Also in somewhat political news, a delegate (from PA, sadly) at the RNC was offended that a Mexican immigrant was working at the America station in Epcot.  Sigh.

And the reaction shot from the White House to #Eastwooding:

That’s it for now, have a great one!


Second bonus update for everyone, let’s see what else I have for you:

First up, this is just too cool, I’m just not sure how well he could see:

Apartment Therapy has a couple cool posts: first up, playing laser tag with your smartphone.  They also cover what they think Siri looks like:

And lastly, art made from old CDs.

The first picture (the one on the post) to me looks altered, but if you click through it’s actually a series of pictures: Meh, Romney.

Science is working on creating a thread that converts body heat to electricity, allowing you to charge electronic devices, pretty awesome.

Oh, somebody was bitter:

Slog covers the future of photography, as well as billboards and real-life Google Googles.

And finally, we’ve found the corner in which you can place baby:

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