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Alright, let’s see what we have today!

First up, the trailer for In The Heights. I saw the show, and am so excited for this movie:

As an independent, I know I don’t (currently) have a say in the democratic primary, but in the last cycle, O’Malley was my pick. And hey look, he’s still feisty!

Speaking of politics, I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm for Mayor Pete (but, as I wrote about before, I am still really, really proud of his candidacy and his staunch defense of liberal Christianity), and just like before, I don’t think he’ll end up being the nominee. That being said though, he takes a lot of heat unnecessarily for being ‘the wrong kind of gay.’ And that is incredibly hurtful, both within the community and without. There has been some great writing (which of course, I”m missing the link for currently) about Pete and the idea of ‘the best little boy in the world,’ and I think understanding that mentality helps us better understand where he comes from and how he approaches the political realm. All in all though, I’m be voting blue, no matter who.

Dumb Runner knocks it out of the park with their coverage of the 1:59 challenge.

It’s from earlier this year, but still great, the ‘trailer’ for Oscar:

In awesome news from the government (yes, actually), the FCC is setting up a nationwide three-digit suicide hotline.

Someone went through and read every piece of advice Dan Savage has ever dolled out, and they sum up their findings. It’s all great advice!

As we’re in the holidays, if you need a yule log video to cast up to a TV, Nerdist has a good roundup. I typically go with the Darth Vader one.

The amazing mash up of Hamilton and The Mandalorian:

Disney+ is bringing us a Star Wars game show next year!

My friend Nate has an amazing piece about our running team and the lessons he’s learned and how we’re learning from each other (and building each other up). Give it a read.

A reminder from The Oatmeal: be kind.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Alright, let’s see what we have today.  First up, in case you forgot, the TEA party didn’t actually care about deficits.  They were just racists.

Also, Debra Messing is not messing around.  Good for her, a fuck Susan Sarandon.

Brett Kavanaugh, who is incredibly anti-gay, won’t say on the record his opinions about same-sex marriage and anti-discrimination laws.  But his court writings reveal he’s as far, if not further right, than Scalia.

In that vein, 16 states are petitioning the US government to let them fire workers for being gay, after that executive order was struck down.

The Russo Brothers put out an awesome video that goes over all the deaths in the MCU:

Kipchoge broke the World Record in the Berlin Marathon this morning.  Dumb Runner, always spots on, weighs in.

I wrote a while back, at least I think I did, about the article ‘the epidemic of gay loneliness,’ and a recent Savage Love column looks at that as well, a good read for everybody.

In case you need some positive news, a heartwarming letter from a gay man’s little brother went viral.

Okay, that’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon!

Short update today, but I’ll be back with more soon.

First up, today was the day Prop 8 was argued at the Supreme Court.  The New York Times has a nice flowchart as to what the outcome will be.

And if you didn’t read it, there is a great article over at The Stranger about acceptance, love and bigotry.

And finally, this really cool desk made from a piano:

Quick update for everyone, I should be back either later today or tomorrow with more.

I just left D’s from watching the World Cup game.  I’m very sad that Ghana lost, one, because they were my team in the poll, but also because they were the last African team.  However, the last few minutes really showed that they did deserve to win that game.  Not that Uruguay did, but Ghana just seemed to fall apart a lot.  I”m excited for The Netherlands upset of Brasil, so I’ll either be rooting for them or Uruguay (yes, because their abbreviation is URU) in the finals.

First off, let us not forget this amazing portrait of the CEO of BP:

And of course, the time their Twitter account got interviewed by ABC:

If you’re a regular reader of Savage Love, be sure to check out this awesome parody that was published a while ago.

Like I said, real short, but I’ll be back with a lot more real soon, I promise!

Two big pieces of news, neither of which have anything directly to do with me.  First, tomorrow, Dan Savage is filming the pilot for his new show, aptly named “Savage Love.”  I hope it works out well and gets picked up, and I hope that I have some way of watching it.

And secondly, I don’t understand it, I’ve just moments ago heard about it, but Cyan is working on a new game, slated to come out sometime this fall!  It is an online version of MagiQuest, which is some sort of real life running around through a revamped hotel quest…thingy.  Like I said, I don’t quite understand it, but it’s very excited for Cyan!  The online game looks a lot like URU and End of Ages (surprise, surprise) but with it’s own medieval twist.  Anyway, I’m sure we’ll be giving it lots of coverage over at URU Obsession, so make sure to check it out, if you’re interested…or a dork like me.

Also, I would like to interject that I feel this is part of what Latus was supposed to be, not all of it, but part of it.  I’d like to discuss that more, but I’m really tired, so I feel like I wouldn’t give my ideas any kind of justice, so I’ll save that for another day.

Anyway, that’s it for me, catch everyone later!


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