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Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up, from Jimmy Fallon and The Roots:

Staples is looking to provide 3D printing in stores, pretty awesome!

HuffPo reports on the gene that predicts what time of day you’ll die. ¬†Creepy.

Want a tour of the ISS:

And finally, some politics.  The far-right is convinced that immigrants are socialists and just want to steal your wealth:

The GOP will authorize wars without paying for them, but they won’t spend a dime to help those affected by Sandy unless they get tax and program cuts.

Florida, like Pennsylvania, admits that voter suppression is the goal of voter ID laws.

And here’s a look at the diversity of the 113th congress. ¬†Holy crap, people born in the 1980’s are being elected (click for bigger):

That’s it for now, have a great one!


Quick update, I’ll probably have more later, but for now, enjoy!

First up, coffee shops are now getting into the Growler scene.  For those unaware, Growlers are used by microbreweries to sell and transport beer.  So now you can get 64 oz. of coffee at once.

The governor of Maine took down a mural because it showed the fight for worker’s rights and he doesn’t like that.¬† So now it’s a billboard:

Worried about socialism?  Stay way from West Virginia, and of course, Alaska.

Nerve has taken notice of the rash of ninja-related crimes happening in Pittsburgh.  God help us all.

George Takei is amazing.¬† In response to a bill in Tennessee which would make it illegal to discuss sexuality until high school (we had sex ed starting in fourth or fifth grade if I remember correctly).¬† So he’s taking matters into his own hands:

Remember kids, like I’ve said before, the more a politician rails against something, the more likely he or she is doing that thing.¬† This time: smoking pot.

That’s it for now, more soon!


Quick update for everyone.  First up, San Francisco has these awesome touch screen games installed at bus stop, that allow you to play multiplayer games against other bus stops.  Would be a cool way to have neighborhood pride I think!

Did you know that Congress passed Socialized medicine and mandated that citizens buy health insurance?  In 1798.  Interesting read.

Many items from the Civic Arena are being auctioned off, however, I think they are kind of scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this one:

Yes!¬† You can own a pendaflex file folder filled with assorted press releases.¬† Uh huh.¬† See how they are sticking out of the sides, that’s how you know it’s quality!

Slate has a really funny article about if O was written by someone else, check it out.

Make sure to watch Colbert, as always, he nails it:

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And finally, make sure to read this awesome article from Slog about the sad state of mental health in this country.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

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