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Quick update, first up, this is so awesome my face just about melted off and I want it and I’ll never ask for anything else ever again:

As many of you know, every November I write a novel as part of NaNoWriMo.  November is also Men’s Health Month, and I have a bunch of friends participating in Movember.  I applaud their efforts, not only because I can’t grow a mustache to save my life (sideburns are another story), but also because there are three freaking months of breast cancer awareness (February, May and October), so it’s nice to see that half the population gets one, little-known month.  But Tom’s made this awesome video to celebrate:

And lastly, happy Halloween from the fourth most haunted campus in the country:

Been a while, and I have a lot to share, so let’s get going.  First up, this has been floating around, and it’s been overdone, but this time, it’s at my alma mater:

Fun fact, the Steelers are the only football team to have a training camp day for those with special needs.  Shame on all the other teams!

After years of waiting, and hunting for a copy that wouldn’t put me in the poor house, The 50 Year Sword is being reprinted in America and the cover was just revealed in io9:

I’m really hoping that Yinztagram comes to Android.  I would totally add Rick Sebak to just about every picture ever.

Here are some awe-inspiring (in a bad way) of the interior of Monsour Medical Building, which I pass all the time going to SVC.

This is amusing:

An artist has used thousands of CDs to create amazing works of art.  Makes my coathanger and AOL CD suncatchers look like child’s play…since they were.

This is a really cool table, although I don’t know how much it costs, but I’m guessing it’s really expensive.

Also amusing:

Act Classy took the ruined Jesus Fresco and showed his whole life.  Funny, because all we can do is laugh about the situation.

Click here to listen to the sound of a star dying.  Seriously.

A great riff on Warhol’s famous quote:

I’ve always loved utensil-less cooking while camping, this looks really awesome.  It’s totally for breakfast.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more!

Just a couple things right now, first up, a trailer has been released for the next Lego Harry Potter game:

Coming out of Ohio: Amish on Amish violence: cutting beards!  Good gravy.

I’m not a huge political movie fan, but this poster looks just awesome:


Need help finding a Sci-Fi or Fantasy book?  Answer a few questions and NPR has you covered here.

That’s it for now, happy Homecoming SVC (thinking back, they’ve had awesome weather every year, which is amazing!)!

I kept forgetting to upload this.  SVC has an app (at least for Android), and after I installed it, here’s the screen, this made me smile:

Couple quick things for everyone.

First off, check out The Old Spice Guy helping someone propose:

Have you seen the periodic table of meat?  Bacon rightfully is in the first position, being a Noble Meat:

I really don’t have anything to add to the title of this post, except of course a couple of expletives.  So, I’ll just say, Stay Classy, Catholic Church.

Speaking of The Catholic Church, for anyone following the Fr. Mark Gruber case, he is now suing.

And don’t forget, if you live in California, to vote to protect traditional marriage:

Just remember:

That’s it for now, catch everyone later!

Tomorrow is Blog Action Day, I’ll be writing about climate change, but until then, glorious news: Towey is leaving!  All of the news articles I’ve seen about it are pretty much just reprints of the press release, and don’t give a fair view of what has happened on campus.  But, anyway, he’s leaving, now we can rebuild.  And I guarantee alumni (especially from my year and those around us) are now going to be willing to open up their wallets.

It’s just about that time of year again…

I’m farily certain I’m dong a horror book this time, somewhat inspired by the Abarat series.  Now I just need to figure it all out…

Homecoming this weekend, including the first annual Alumni of No Distinction Dinner.  I’ll post when I get back hopefully and in the meantime, I’m going to keep working my way through The Lost Symbol, as well as everything else I’m reading!

Today marks the 200th birthday of Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., and the start of a year-long celebration at St. Vincent of their founder’s bicentennial.  As I write this, I’m actually watching the Vespers service as it streams online.  Also, aside from the camera being a bit titled to the side and the audio not as loud as I would have liked, it’s pretty good.  They should stream more things online.

It also looks like the book, Boniface Wimmer: An American Abbot has a new cover:

And speaking of covers, my NaNoWriMo book from this year came in (all the winners get one free proof copy from  Here are the front and back covers (they aren’t centered because of the bleed area that was needed to be included, in case you were wondering:

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