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The world is awful, and there’s a lot going on, but let’s see what we have. First up, let’s calm down a bit with a beautiful exploration on Canon in D:

Dumb Runner (The Onion but for running) had two great articles which made me laugh a lot recently. The first, local runner receives photos from his virtual marathon and one that is so true locally, ‘without the marathon, residents scramble to find something else to bitch about.’

Brass players (and percussionists, opera singers, etc), be the change you (and hero) you want to see in this world.

Feeling down? Here’s Chris Hemsworth to tell you, yes you, how awesome you are!

We’re getting a new Star Wars Holiday Special! Which….that is news, but this time it’s Lego!

Also, here’s how we should swap the titles of the Star Wars movies around.

Okay, buckle up, getting to politics. First up, the Mass Dem party coordinated with the College Democrats of Mass to try to levy false sexual abuse accusations at a gay candidate in the primary. The whole thing is dirty and reeks of homophobia, as well as a misunderstanding of the dynamics of gay relationships.

AT the DNC, Michelle Obama was immaculate (transcript here):

Likewise, President Obama set out in the starkest of terms what is at stake (transcript here):

On the final night of the convention, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was extremely funny, and since I enjoyed VEEP so much, a nice touch!

Pete Buttigieg had a moving moment talking about his marriage as he was introducing Biden.

And then finally, the acceptance speech:

Since then, of course, things have gotten worse, with more stoking of hatred and violence, but in a stirring move, the Mets and Marlins left their game and left a BLM shirt draped over home plate.

And finally, the NBA has come to agreement to turn their arenas into voting sites!

That’s it for today. Have a great one, wash your hands, wear your mask, double check your voter registration and make a plan to vote!

Alright, here we go, the big year in review post. ¬†First up, DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop:

Next up, a great review of the year by The Onion:

This year, Google’s Zeitgeist is really short, but still very good:

Also really short this year, is JibJab’s year in review:

Youtube’s Rewind was really good this year:

And lastly, instead of putting together a slide show for the camp staff kids, I didn’t want to let the music go to waste, so I’m starting a new tradition. ¬†Here’s a look at my life in 2013, all the adventures, friends and people that inspired me, hope you like it:

Here’s to a great 2014!

Alright, let’s see what’s going on.

First up: SEE?!?! ¬†I’M IN DEMAND:

The (red band) trailer for the new Kick Ass movie, which I can’t wait for!

Instead of playing March Madness, you should play Star Wars March Madness.

I’m taking this as a sign that I would be a good parent. ¬†Because I still have my parent’s set (and it goes away after we’ve been drinking, we’re not stupid)

Awesome typography/science posters.  A favorite:

You can tell the haters are really reaching for straws, when they’re attacking random swaths of all kinds of people: for adopting children. ¬†And just remember, NOM is a certified hate group, hopefully this will make some other people notice.

So, my thoughts on the new pope: it’s awesome that he took the name Francis, as he’s one of my favorite saints. ¬†Also cool that he’s a Jesuit, although I think that I always heard they had the sterotype of buying lots of land and making lots of money, which is the opposite of Pope Francis, who rode the bus to work! ¬†Now, just like the other 114 cardinals, he still hates the LGBT community, women and you know, anyone who’s different, not that I expected anything different though. ¬†More importantly, the new Archbishop of Caneterbury is enthroned on Thursday!

Because adding Batman is awesome:

E. L. James, the “author” of 50 Shades of Grey, is publishing a writing guide. ¬†Excuse me as I go throw up.

Awesome note from a dad to his son.  It popped up in my newsfeed at work and I teared up a little bit:

This of course, comes after Rob Portman, sitting Senator from Ohio comes out for Marriage Equality. ¬†You know, when it affects his son. ¬†Yes, we’re happy that he’s supporting equality, but you should be able to see the need for equal rights without it personally affecting your immediate family.

Sooooooo, at the big conservative political gathering last week, there was a real life, true racist walking around. ¬†Now to be fair, there are crazy people everywhere, but it’s fun to point this out.

John Green fills us in:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Quick update for everyone today.

First up, new punctuation that we need to add.

Sadly, this is not The Onion.

And how Joss Whedon broke our hears, in less than one season.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more!

Alright, let’s see what we have today. ¬†First up:

It ¬†may be almost 70 degrees (and I’m in shorts in January), this is awesome:

The White House has denied the request to construct a Death Star. ¬†But go read the response, someone is a great writer, and a huge nerd, it’s awesome!

A magical 3-in-1 connector from CES, seems strange it took this long to come up with this, but it should make Apple users very happy.

The Dark Knight Trilogy, condensed to three minutes.  Spoilers, obviously:

Violence erupts over the AP/Chicago manual wars.  Via The Onion, of course.

For all the Myst geeks out there, this totally reminded me of the entrance to Channelwood:

The Good Men Project takes on bathroom graffiti.  The image is worth clicking through.

What is less popular than root canals, used car salesmen and even Nickleback?  Congress.

I’ve been listening to this almost non-stop, I think the beginning of it is kind of bland, but halfway though it picks up:

Saving sound in a bottle, pretty cool idea.

Also via The Onion, so true, or at least, close to the truth:

Monks will now accept prayer requests via text, pretty cool!

JoHo has a good post up about the suicide of Aaron Schwartz, one of the founders of Reddit, and one of the creators of RSS.

While there were of course a wide range of things that made me change jobs, this certainly was up there among the top of the list.

Music recreated from The Hobbit, Part 1:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Quick update for everyone, first up, check out this awesome recap of all the Superbowl ads:

So…..The Onion is awesome. ¬†Especially when a Republican congressman links to it as a real story. ¬†Check it out here, and check out the reviews on Yelp of the Abortionplex.

When I’m old, I want one of these.

And the third in the series of The Magicians fan art, here is Alice:

Now that November is done, I’m finally catching up with my RSS feeds and some other items from around the net.

Here’s the humor items I had waiting for me, I’ll be back soon with lots more:

From Literally Unbelievable:


Yes, turning on Fox will help….

And here’s some great racism:


And coming in from Amazon:


And I really loved this one:


And from Catalog Living, check out this amazing entry.

And finally, The Oatmeal pops in with some illustrated tweets, a favorite:


BuzzFeed has 20 awesome pictures of the 9/11 tribute, here’s my favorite:


And not to be outdone, The Onion has a piece of brilliance.

The End is a pretty cool game that faces you with ethical dilemmas, (although, sadly, only black and white answers), and then compares your answers to famous people throughout history.¬† I’ve played a few rounds, I’ll get back in at some point and play some more.

Check out these awesome Roomba covers, to make your home robots look like characters from Super Mario Bros!

And lastly, enjoy this awesome collection of badly-placed stickers:


Okay, I’m back, some more fun things from around the Interwebs for you:

First up, major nerd spoiler alert.¬† You’ve been warned.

The Human Torch was killed off last month, so to fill out the ranks of the previous Fantastic Four (now dubbed The Future Foundation) they’ve added Spiderman to their ranks, and new costumes for everyone:

I think Little Big Planet would be the only reason I’d buy a PS3, and this makes me want to play the game again:

Copyranter shows a really cool bag that can be reused in lots of different ways.  Really cool.

The trailer for X-Men: First Class is out, and even though I’m having a hard time identifying a lot of people, looks pretty awesome:

If you didn’t already think the American Family Foundation were all assholes, now you will.¬† Apparently, we were justified forcing the Native American’s off their land.¬† Because you know, they aren’t really families, or something.

Here’s a fantastic ad for the state-level ENDA in Kentucky:

And in case you had any doubt, Republicans have twice as many sex scandals as Democrats (at least in the last decade, and those that were caught/reported of course).  However, big points for the Onion:

Breaking: Anti-Gay Congressman Caught In Affair With Horse

Couple things for everyone, first, The Onion will be getting a second show, the first will be “news,” the second will be sports centered.¬† I just rewatched The Onion movie over the weekend, highly recommended!

A followup to the passage of Healhcare Reform:

The note, which reads “Dad, the unfinished business is done.” was left by Patrick Kennedy on his father’s grave

Also as a follow up to Healthcare Reform, I donated a dollar to A Ticket for Rush.¬† I don’t expect him to go, but it’s fun anyway.

Glee comes back in two weeks!  Check out the new trailer, as well as a special message from Sue Sylvester:

And just for fun, here’s a man who taught an alpaca to stay on a surfboard in the water.¬† Alpacas are cool, but not as cool as llamas!

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