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Quick update for everyone, let’s see what we have.  First up, an awesome mash-up for NES/SNES games and Google Map locations:

An awesome follow-up that I’ve been meaning to share about the Dan Savage issue.  Slate nails it:

The American right is undertaking a huge project of trying to put right-wing politics beyond criticism by shouting “religious bigotry” any time someone gets in the way of their political agenda. If they can create a consensus that it’s somehow off-limits to criticize teaching that gay people are subhuman as long as you wrap it up in religion, that gives them a huge political advantage. Taken far enough, merely stating out loud in public that you don’t believe gay people are evil could be cause for the fainting couches to be pulled out and accusations that Christians are being oppressed. Sounds ludicrous? Well, consider that we’re currently debating whether or not it’s oppressing Christians to accurately state what’s in the Bible. Anyone who is actually supportive of gay rights shouldn’t be playing along with this feigned umbrage. It won’t stop until opposing anti-gay actions is considered completely off-bounds on the grounds that it’s an attack on religion.

Big Think also has a great piece up about how the right was trying to claim they are being bullied.

Dan also weighs in here about the North Carolina amendment which passed yesterday.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Christianist have taken over the Republican party: and that’s a shame.  We need to be able to have rational discussion, that is how we will solve our problems, by working together.  But if one side just shuts down and cries out when someone disagrees with them or calls them on their bullshit, then we can’t have meaningful governance.

Okay, off my soapbox for a bit.  Check out this cool video from a British TV show.

Check out the Hidden Meaning in Pixar films.  It’s a long read, but worth it, and check out the video as well.

I went backpacking two weeks ago, and rightly so, I was a bit sore afterwards.  We did the first part of the LHHT, which is just up and down and up and down.  Here is the elevation profile.  Check out my pictures here (and thanks to my friends for always making sure to be in them) if you’re interested, including awesome panoramics:


That’s it for now, I’ll be back with more soon!

First up, this came out a while ago, and it’s in French, but it’s Mika’s new single:

Gizmodo reports on an awesome free t-shirt which was given out to German white supremacists, which, when washed, revealed a message of equality.  We had shirts over the summer that when they got wet the ink would disappear.  Close, but not quite.

Unplggd has a cool article about integrating your TV into your decor.  Check it out.  Or check out their article about clocks.  There are a lot of cool clocks out there.

Remember when the Pirates were doing awesome, and then we were the victim of a horrible call which sent us into a ten game losing spiral?  Well, Benstonium put together this video:

Big Think puts the odds that we’re all just Sims in some kind of giant computer program at 20%.  Does it still count if we discuss that possibility?  I’m getting confused.

I actually don’t like this that much, it seems impractical, but you can buy bookshelves to spell anything.

Back before the split, Jason Alexander was trying to get humanitarian aid for those affected by the Netflix price hike.

A good friend is a huge Michael Buble fan, and I found this awesome bad lip reading of his video for “Just Haven’t Met You Yet,” which becomes “Russian Unicorn:”

I was always kind of interested in this case, and it seems as though the code of the Zodiac Killer may have been cracked.

Awesome list of insane job titles, and points for the Arrested Development reference at the end, here’s a great one as well:


It takes a little bit of moving around to see it all, but should I work for free?  Check out this flow chart to find out.

I just want people to watch this:

And finally, need some propaganda for social networks, check out the posters here.


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