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And we’re back.  Here’s what we have today.  First up, my new favorite song from Glee:

The Governor of Michigan admits that the war on unions doesn’t benefit the workers.  Imagine that.

Really cool Walking Dead art installation, the fingers got cut off as the days counted down:

“Wait, I can do something.  There’s injustice involving cake!”  More reasons to love Charm City Cakes.

Say goodbye to the iron, and hello to the cat.  This is why I only play Stars Wars Monopoly.

Speaking of Star Wars: Death Star lollipops:

It is sadly, now strange enough to print a newspaper, that it can be a reality show.

Awesome church sign of the day:

 That’s it for today, have a great one!

Alright, let’s see what we have today.

First up, in horrific news: bacon shortage.

This is just awesome:

One of Mitt Romney’s sons is mean.  Just saying.

And the awesome Mitt Romney/Lucille Bluth mashups, a favorite:

This will totally be my brother and his wife’s child (if and when they have kids, as far as I know, not in the works):

It’s funny, because now Gov. Walker wants unions….:

This is pretty amazing, How I Met Your Mother in under a minute:

Amtrak is testing 165 mph trains!

Scott Brown’s staff made a really racist video about Elizabeth Warren.  She hits back:

And finally (a lot of video today), remember Shit ___ says?  The creators talk:

That’s it for now, have a great one!


Hello everybody, another update for you!

Check out this really cool interactive billboard from McDonalds, pretty awesome.

Here’s an incredible little story.  Father and son at the first and last shuttle launches:


I think we all knew this was coming, and honestly, I think it may even make reruns more relevant, and fun to watch to spot them, but now there are new ads inserted into old sitcoms.

Your daily dose of politics from me:

 Okay, one more link for you.

Worried about what will happen to your online life after you die?  Here’s the Dead’s Man Switch and a way to help plan your funeral.

I missed this the first time around, but part of the big news is that Scissor Sisters are doing some of the soundtrack for the New Fraggle Rock movie.  The other is, how did I miss there is going to be a Fraggle Rock movie?!

If only this shirt was still true:


Oh yes, how very true:


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