Today's Mighty Oak

Alright. First up, here’s the roundup of Superbowl commercials. I loved the ones from GM, Paramount+ (even if we don’t need yet another streaming service), Bud Light lemons, Fivr, Klarna (just because Maya Rudoulph) and of course, the beautiful, beautiful, Michael B. Jordan for Alexa:

Clue, which had at one point been adapted into a comic series, is not becoming an animated show. We’ll have to see how this goes.

In politics, the GOP is spending its time, across the country, trying to restrict voting. Because that’s the only way they win (but they are very, very good at this, and this is a huge threat).

In exciting news, John Fetterman is running for Senate!

And lastly today, a new preview for The Nevers, which looks like a neat Victorian era Magicians, kind of. I’m excited for it!

Alright, let’s see what we have today.

First up, it’s like the Humble Bundle, but for books!  Pretty cool

For all those children of the 80s, I choose to believe that this did work, even though science says it doesn’t:

Well this is absolutely infuriating.  And so is this.  And this is so scary, and yet another reminder why we need the Affordable Care Act.

But this is awesome, the mayor of Phoenix tries to live on food stamps, to better connect with those in his city.

The Information is Beautiful awards have been announced, check them out here.

Google has unveiled google maps for the coral reefs:

Fox News and the WSJ areboth wrong about climate change.  Raise your hand if you’re surprised.  No one?

And if you haven’t seen it before, the best animal photo bomb ever:

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Another update today, let’s see what I’ve found today.

First up, Ellen envisions a political world in which the ads are kind.

Amazing, and crazy footage of a volcano:

A movie theater in London has employed ninjas to remind people of movie etiquette.  Awesome.

McDonalds is counting on the McRib to save Christmas.  I’m hoping we can turn that into a heartwarming children’s special, or something like that.

The popinator may actually become a real thing, believe it or not:

Social networks can actually help to encourage people to go out and vote.  Pretty awesome to see our online lives helping us to be politically involved.

Speaking of voting, it’s very vulgar (of course, it’s Sarah Silverman), but it’s important information:

And finally, it’s the same day as Homecoming, but I’d like to see it, Stewart and O’Reilley are going to do a live debate!

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more!  Have a great one!

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