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Alright, catching up on a bit of a backlog in addition to some current items, but let’s see what we have today. First up, a favorite web comic/series, Surviving the World is returning with classic reposts! Here’s where he ended it. Class Dismissed.

Science news you can use: don’t drink your whiskey ‘neat’:

The United Methodist Church is splitting over gay issues. As someone who has come out of that on the other side, hey welcome, it’s a bumpy ride. Sorry you have to do this, it’s painful.

This fight (is still going on all across the country) happened in September in Arizona. Their GOP governor said they don’t need to extend non-discrimination protections to gay people, and their supreme court said businesses can deny service to gay people. The fight continues, and is seemingly never ending.

In other disturbing news, the Interior Department cut sexual orientation from their internal discrimination policies as well.

I wrote earlier about my displeasure at Marvel (and Star Wars) for LGBT erasure. The upcoming film, The Eternals, will, for the first time, feature a gay superhero (and kiss). Yes, it’s progress. Should it have taken 11 years? No.

In other movie news, the trailer for the new Wes Anderson film looks amazing:

If you haven’t, check out Eastsiders on Netflix. It was an amazing series, and here’s an interview with the creator.

Stranger Things 4 gives us a present from Russia (with love).

In good news, a New York state park will be named for Marsha P. Johnson!

The Church of England said sex is only for straight, married people. Then they apologized for offending people, not actually changing their minds.

Firefighters who got angry comments when they showed their support for the queer community hit back in an awesome video.

NASA is adding a luxury hotel to the ISS. Spoiler, if you’re reading this, you will not be able to afford visiting.

An awesome video from a favorite creator that I’ve been mulling over: death and minimialism:

The Utah Governor pulled the campaign that put AMAZING art on condoms to prevent STIs. They’re all great, and it’s a shame he pulled them.

Speaking of, the UK has seen a massive decline in HIV infections due to PrEP. No surprise there.

The Catholic bishops in Texas have blasted their governor (who is Catholic)over his rule to not accept refugees. I’m highly, highly critical of the Catholic Church, so I have to give them points when it’s appropriate. Good for them.

Disney is announcing more details of their immersive Star Wars hotel for their resorts, and it looks amazing and I can’t wait to go!

Google pretty much hit it out of the park with their Superbowl ad:

And another great ad, this time from Microsoft:

Let’s see what we have today.¬† First up, this amazing Samsung ad from the Winter Olympics featuring (my fake boyfriend) Gus Kenworthy:

A drag queen dressed as Elsa single handedly pushed a police van out of the snow in Boston.

Emma Gonzales, one of the Parkland survivor, discusses how being bi has influenced her gun violence activism.

And here is Ben Platt and Lin-Manuel Miranda performing their song “Found Tonight” which benefited the March for Our Lives:

Here is the duo performing it at the march itself.

There’s going to be a ‘music only’ cut of The Last Jedi.

Speaking of The Last Jedi, Laura Dern said ‘pew’ every time she shot her blaster.

There’s a new trailer for the next Fantastic Beasts movie.¬† And the upcoming Avengers movie.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?:

All of Wes Anderson’s protagonists ranked by how quirky they are.

Alright, let’s see what we have today, a bit of a longer update, and lots of videos:

Because it’s a shit show, the president’s newest judicial nominee thinks trans* kids are part of ‘Satan’s plan.’

In the spirit of Halloween, the Internet thinks that Pennywise and the Babbadook should date.  Awwwww.

The new Wes Anderson movie:

Need a game to play to unwind?  Play some font games!

Pittsburgh gets its own Drag Queen Story Hour!

Netflix sends an awesome “Stranger Things” cease and desist letter.

Birds made into a musical composition:

David S. Pumpkins will return!

Billy Crystal is right, Miracle Max and Valerie do need their own spin off!

The new trailer for The Punisher is intense:

Wesley Woods is interviewed about him calling out the white privilege of a certain gay porn actor.

The Satanic Temple is amazing. ¬†They have announced that if the current prevails and bakers can deny gay couples wedding cakes, they’ll demand cakes for Satan. ¬†Because religious freedom.

You guys, the floor is lava.  No really, THE FLOOR IS LAVA:

In good news, the US Census will add back in a question about sexual orientation, reversing the decision to effectively erase LGBT citizens (and any possibility of funding for resources).

The superintendent at an Air Force prep school said, in no uncertain terms, that racism has no place in his school.

I don’t have Amazon Prime, but I listen to this podcast, I’m super excited it’s being turned into a show:

Edie Windsor, who recently died, was known for her fight for marriage equality.  But she was also a computer science whiz!

An Australian pizza shop trolls the anti-gay billboard next to it.  However, I disagree, pineapple can go on pizza!

This is the trailer for a zombie Christmas musical that legit looks amazing:

Russell Tovey, of Looking, fame, will play The Ray in the Arrowverse.

Dale Hansen, sportcaster from Texas known for his amazing viral videos, does it again.

The federal government is set to argue that gay workers should not have any workplace protections, although they’ll be arguing this against other parts of the federal government. ¬†This is a hugely important case, and one that I’m worried about.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

Alright, another update, let’s see what I have tonight for you. ¬†First up, like this post. ¬†Get it:

All of the books from The Royal Tenenbaums have been compiled.  Pretty awesome.

Apartment Therapy has a couple of old computers turned into coffee tables.  I like the one with the orange coil in the middle.

It’s almost time for the next season of American Horror Story, I’m super excited, and here’s one of the trailers:

This is astounding.  David Foster Wallace (and other authors) have left the word notes in the thesaurus on Macs.  Really neat, and a little sad in the case of DFW.

Awesome steampunk fan:

Apartment Therapy takes a look at the new IKEA catalog and pulls out the rooms which were created by a computer.

This is so meta, I don’t even know what to say,¬†apparently¬†160 years of maps of hurricanes, makes a giant, globe-consuming hurricane pattern.

And finally, this goes out to all my over-caffeinated friends and family out there, a giant chart of coffee.

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon with more, have a great one!

Another update for everyone, hope you enjoy:

Scientist have found a spiral star.  Not a solar system or galaxy, but a star.  Really cool, check it out.

This is really cool, watch to learn how much The Internet weighs:

Want to find out how long your relationship has been in terms of the unit of measure of a Kardashian (72 days)?  Click here.  By the way, congratulations to my parents who have been married over 180 Kardashians!

Death to Pennies:

NPR has an awesome article about NaNoWriMo, by the author of The Night Circus.  Which, by the way, is an amazing books, and one of my new favorites, you really should read it!

Wes Anderson’s new movie looks really awesome, and it includes Edward Norton!¬† Check it out:

Death Star PR approves of this letter.¬† And so do I!¬† Which first of all, if you’re going to be a go and talk about Star Wars, you better know your stuff.

And finally, I think it will take longer for us to see these, considering that now we’ll need power running to our windows, but it would be awesome to see above sinks (for when washing dishes) as long as it includes links to online video:

Thanks again for reading, have a great one!

Hello everybody!¬† Shorter update today I think, but let’s see what I can find for you.

For anyone who has seen The Onion movie, this next sentence will make sense.  Cockpuncher is being sued for keeping sex slaves!  In related news, Steven Segal is being sued for having sex slaves.

I’ve always wondered how many people have lived on Earth, in total, since you know, we started.¬† Someone finally figured it out!¬† Over 106 Billion.¬† That’s a lot!

A fun clip from the Daily Show, my favorite part, “It turns out the people in the White house are not secret Muslims, they’re nerds!”

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
A Farewell to Arms
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

My dad sent me this link to an awesome article about a dog who is a Verger!  Check it out.

A typographer take aim at the iPad here.

Inspired by a case in Florida in 2007 (I think), Obama extended the right to same-sex couples to be at the side of their partner in hospitals.  This also extends the benefit to friends, such as in cases where there is no family left.  Very classy, but a shame it took this long for it to happen.

And one more Daily Show clip, this one is pretty good, I love the yelling:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Open Carrier Discrimination
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

I posted the Spiderman version a little bit ago, now, what if Wes Anderson directed the Lord of the Rings?  Spiderman seemed more like The Royal Tennenbaums, this one seems more like The Darjeeling Limited:

This is probably the best thought out computer virus I’ve ever heard of.¬† It steals your temporary files and web browsing history (presumably also including passwords to things like banking sites and e-mail) and publishes them online, charging you about $20 to remove them.¬† Awesome.¬† Now I’m just waiting for karma to strike me.

Listen, this next video is strange, and probably crosses the line.¬† Why am I posting it?¬† Because it’s an interesting take on TV ads, as well as a neat execution.¬† It’s from a campaign in The Netherlands to promote South Park.¬† That really should tell you all you need to know.¬† The first scene is the worst, but the fact that they get in killing Kenny should be commended.¬† Anyway, you’ve been warned, you probably shouldn’t watch it:

And that’s it for now, have a great one everybody!

Hey all, I’ve been caught up in the Olympics, so not much posting here, but all kinds of stuff that I want to share.¬† So enjoy the update:

First, in regards to the snow, check out this article from The Radical Middle, and then this video:

Also, the Pittsburgh Zoo finds out that kangaroos don’t like snow.¬† Who would have guessed?

I love Fleury, a whole lot.¬† Here’s him and Sid talking about the snow (which I realize is ridiculous on at least three levels, but hey, it’s fun):

Speaking of Fleury and Sid, Olympics!¬† Here’s what Slate suggested you watch if you watch just one thing a day.¬† A really funny read (and I apologize in advance for the tardiness of all the Olympic articles, I got so caught up in the games that I didn’t write about them).¬† And here is their awesome Sap-O-Meter.¬† I’ll give you a hint, NBC is really sappy, and generally, awful at covering the Olympics.

I don’t know what’s going on in this picture, but we are seeing Bob Costas outside of his living room, so it’s got to be a plus.¬† Also, Colbert!¬† Make sure you watch this video that I’m not allowed to embed.¬† Stupid NBC.

Slate also takes a stab at the biathalon.¬† Awesome read, which just helps me galvanize my mindset that it’s a weird sport.¬† I have more respect for it, but it’s weird.

I’m thinking it may not be actually from Verizon, but this is an awesome blend of nostalgia and current technology:

This might be one of my new favorite sites, someone watching season six of Lost, who has never seen it.¬† It’s worth it just for the drawings!

And the healthcare debate rages on, it’s a few days old, but still worth a watch.¬† Rachel Maddow is, of course, amazing:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


And Jon Stewart takes on Glenn Beck, who is railing against…public libraries?

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Rage Within the Machine – Progressivism
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political Humor Vancouverage 2010

A gut wrenching blog entry over at PG+, if you’re a subscriber, check out the link.¬† If not, consider signing up!¬† And I know I’ve promised to talk about it over at Metblogs, and I still am planning on doing that, I promise!

A great follow up to the video clips I posted before about the phrase “fucking retard.”¬† As in, “Sarah Palin is a fucking retard.”

I’ve been really, really excited about the return of URU.¬† To help you get into the Myst spirit, check out this awesome online fan project¬† – Myst and Riven books! And in related news, over a million people are now playing D&D online, probably because it’s free (with some premium content).¬† Maybe we’ll see a lot of interest in URU!¬† We can only hope!

See, even lawyers need typography!

Wow, scam artists keep going, just under different names, preying on different people.  The Stranger starts a new campaign and the Onion, once again, hits it home:

New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Don’t Love Each Other

The Onion does a great job, and maybe humor is what we need in the discussion, but marriage equality is serious.¬† Don’t believe me?¬† Try filing taxes as a same-sex couple.

What is Wes Anderson directed Spider Man?  Oh yes:

Cool ad that was apparently really effective, although the price must be really big, and installation I’m sure was a pain:

So not safe for any eyes, and just the idea of it (you’ll understand if you click through) confuses me, but this may in fact be the worst Unicorn tattoo ever.¬† Ever.¬† Also bad for your eyes: the 20 worst tramp stamps.

Gizmodo has a cool article about the hypocrisy of Apple and their app store.  A good read.

Have you been reading PittGirl’s new column at Pittsburgh Magazine.¬† You really should, here’s her latest.

I agree, this is the best ending to Judge Judy ever:

And finally, I always suggest watching Arrested Development, here are the eight biggest ongoing jokes through the whole series, enjoy.

Alright, I’m heading home to watch the gold medal match of Olympic hockey, so excited!

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