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Another Awesome Pittsburgh App Creator: Levlr

I wrote a few weeks ago about the awesome Pittsburgh app creator that made iBurgh, which has helped make my commute safer.  Today, I’d like to highlight an app creator that has added a cool fun way for businesses to interact with customers.

Levlr is based in East Liberty and crated the Levlr platform, which allows brands to interact with their customers and fans.  Their highlight application is Beerby (rhymes with Near by), and allows users to track and find beer.

Bars and restaurants are able to put their beers lists in the system (or patrons can add drinks and tag their locations as they drink), and players log their drinks and earn achievements, known as Badgers.

I’ve linked up with a couple friends, and it’s an easy way to discover new craft and micro brews by seeing what they’ve recently drank. I”m not going to lie, it’s always a fun rush to see your name at the top of the list of a beer.  I don’t have an xBox, so these are the only Achievements I can really work on!

The folks at Levlr are also really awesome, always adding special new Badgers, setting up meet ups around Pittsburgh and being amazing advocates for breweries large and small.

Beerby is available for both iPhone and Android, and the Levlr platform is in testing, but if you’d like your company to get involved with it, make sure to check it out!

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