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Citizen Journalism, a silver lining?

One of my very good friends, Teri, takes a look at a recent article by The Big Money and ties in Clay Shirky’s “Here Comes Everybody” with the idea that everyone is a media outlet.

Teri writes,

I think this shift from specifically-defined goals [in the publishing industry] to allowing ourselves some breathing room is not only acceptable, but welcomed.

Is citizen journalism the silver lining to the newspaper industry’s slow demise?  I would agrue yes.  Maybe not the only silver lining, but certainly a welcomed addition to the various mediums we already have at our disposal.  I do think it has been a natural progression, the ability for people to quickly share their thoughts, report on what they’re seeing and doing, would have come about even without this downturn in the newspaper business.  Maybe the loss of newsprint just helped it along a little bit.

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