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edit: sorry, pulled a Dan Quyale spelling on tomatoe

Let’s see what I have today. ┬áFirst up, the writers at io9 have to go and spoil science fiction with facts and science. ┬áSadface.

Nerd nostalgia:

Verizon was fined by the FCC for charging customers who worked around their ridiculous tethering fees.

This is amazing:

I’ve seen these events before, kind of a cool idea to get some closure. ┬áThe Brooklyn Cyclones have a “Trash Your Ex” night where you can take reminders of you ext to be destroyed.

The video for the new single from Matchhbox 20:

This has been floating around the Internet, but holy crap. ┬áThere are no words to describe the fury (and that some at the church, and even Mississippi’s┬ágovernor┬áhave expressed as well).

Awesome t-shirt:

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon!

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