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GAP Trail Relay week 2

Getting back into the groove of a training plan, here’s what I did this week:

  • Monday – Cross training – 35 minutes(+) of gardening and landscaping.  Got some good work done, still a ways to go, as it is seemingly never ending!
  • Tuesday – 4 miles – Ran early so I could finish as the Frontrunners were starting, as I had to drive to Ohio early the next morning.
  • Wednesday – 35 minutes tempo run.  As I’ve found out, HH classifies things as tempo runs differently from other coaches, but his plans have worked well for me, so I’ll go with it.  His (and my) tempo runs are a gradual increase of speed throughout the entire run, with a short cool down at the end, peaking at 10K pace.
  • Thursday – 4 miles – Had planned to go with the Frontrunners and then join for happy hour after, but my sinuses/ears/head were all stuffy and making me dizzy, so I opted for a run on the treadmill just to be safe.
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 4 miles
  • Sunday – 8 miles, in pretty hot and very, very humid air in Schenley before going to an hour-long yoga class on the front lawn of Phipps Conservatory.  Thankfully, the instructor, based on the amount of small kids (it’s free, family-yoga) and the weather, had us doing extra stretching and no balance work this time.
  • Cross training – I didn’t write this in last week, but I’ll include it going forward: I do the r/bodyweightfitness Recommended Routine on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.  It’s a new routine, and I moved too quickly through one of the progressions on Saturday, so took it easy Monday and Wednesday, but it’s still good to know I’m making some progress, even if my core still needs a lot of work!

I also took advantage of the early MOVE pricing (MOVE seems to be the theme this year) for the Pittsburgh Marathon and registered for the full this morning, so I’ll be training for marathon number 2 come winter!

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