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GAP Trail Relay week 3

Forgot to post this yesterday, but here’s what my weekly training looked like:

  • Monday – Cross training – 40 minutes of walking.  I’m part of a research study at Pitt, so I made sure to park far enough away to get a good walk in on the way to my appointment and back.  The walk back was much more pleasant in terms of temperature, and I enjoyed walking through bits of Pitt’s campus!
  • Tuesday – 5 miles – Ran in the gym due to schedule and temperature.
  • Wednesday – 6×400 at 5K pace.  Although I’ve actually been doing these repeats at faster than my current 5K pace.  So either that means I won’t be able to sustain it as I add more repeats, or my 5K time is soft and I need to do some racing to bring that time down!
  • Thursday – 5 miles – More hot weather, more time on the treadmill for me.
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 5 miles – One last run inside for the week, but this one was due to scheduling.  Headed out to catch up with a friend and didn’t want to be driving back and forth to the East End twice in one day.
  • Sunday – 9 miles on the GAP trail.  Felt great to be back on my favorite long run location, enjoying the trail.  I thought at one point, ‘what a beautiful, cloudless day.’  Then I swore ‘damnit, it’s a cloudless day, I want some cloud cover!’  It was a bit rough in the direct sunlight, but in the shade or when a breeze picked up, it was delightful.  Had some great ‘long run thoughts’ and really enjoyed myself.  My Achielles acted up a bit afterwards, so I took it easy the rest of the day and with some stretching, is feeling better.
  • Cross training – I did the r/bodyweightfitness Recommended Routine on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Not my normal days, but due to the research study, when it fit in the best.

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