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Hey everybody, quick update here.

The New York Times is finally getting around to some big coverage of the Uganda “Kill the Gays” bill.  And it appears to have garnered some real attention.  Which is a good thing since it appears that work from US politicians and lobbyists have brought about a law that would enable a nation to perform state-sanctioned genocide.  Good comments from Dan Savage here (not his first mind you, but some more recent ones).

Two big questions still loom in my mind.

1. If this were a different minority, say something racially motivated, or religiously motivated, would we not have heard the outcry?

2. If it “wasn’t the intent” of US politicians to draft a bill that would execute people based on who they are and who they love, then what exactly was their intent?  What other end did they expect to see from going into Uganda and stirring this up?

PittGirl is getting a second blog!  Always exciting!

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And of course, check out Dan Savage on Countdown, or his piece here on Slog:

Still writing 09 on your checks?  I’m actually not, although I think it was 2004 where the whole year, I just never got the hang of it.  The whole year, I was off.  Terrible waste.

Andrew Sullivan checks in here about Iran.  The picture is amazing, of course.

I don’t like to write about work.  Aside from the occasional mention, mostly due to my schedule, I just don’t care to blog about it.  The same goes for work, I do not care to discuss sex, religion or politics, it’s rude and really has no place at work, it will just inevitably make someone mad.  The few times I get dragged into a conversation, I find the nearest exit to the conversation and then physically leave so I’m not pulled further in, I would rather have solid, productive, working relationships with everyone there, and those kind of discussions never help.  However, every now and then, something happens that I just have to write down, lest I forget it, and lest my anger subside.

Cue the vagueness (and flashback sequence, I’m thinking like how they used to on Roundhouse, using a bunch of cast member’s waving arms with the camera walking through them): some time ago a bunch of us were eating lunch.  And people were talking about their schedules and it was mentioned that we have Martin Luther King, Jr. day off, but not President’s day.  The President’s day holiday was moved to Independence Day to make it a four day weekend.  However, one of my co-lunch-eaters started to make a comment about that fact.  And that person had that look on their face, and that tone to their voice.  But thankfully, said person stopped themselves before they made the extremely racist comment that was bubbling just below the surface.  Because, you know, Dr. King was only probably the greatest advocate of civil rights and equality we have ever had in this country.

Now, I typically give everyone the benefit of the doubt, to a fault, and to no end.  But I have also sat in that lunch room and been told that inter racial marriages should not be legal.  Not because a certain person was racist, no no.  Because it is unfair to the child.  “Those marriages never last and it isn’t fair to the child.”  So you’ll have to excuse me if I have lost my patience for some of my coworkers, at least when it comes to what will come out of their mouths.  I’ll keep reading at lunch, and exit whenever I need to, self defense and all.

So maybe that person held their tongue because of me, I’ve chirped up a few times when I think things get out of control or offend me.  So maybe I’ve had a positive impact on some people, making them think a bit before they speak.  But who knows.  So excuse the rambling, I do apologize, but I wanted to make sure I remembered that comment, seems somewhat indicative.

That’s it for now, at least I think.  I have more to write up, but I’ll work on it another time I think, have a great one everybody!

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