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Alright, let’s see what we have today!  As always, Surviving the World hits it out of the park:

Philadelphia added black and brown to their pride flag.  There are a lot of different pride flags.  And although I think they should have laid it out differently (maybe put black at the bottom and brown at the top to better match up colors), I think this is really cool.  For a long time, the HRC (‘corporate gay’) was only focused on white, cis-gendered gay men.  This isn’t much, but it at least starts to recognize the people of color that are part of the queer community (and have been since the beginning, helping to kick off the Stonewall Riots), so I think it should be welcomed!

And of course, part of the conversation about the role of corporate America in the quest for queer rights.  We just had a good discussion about this over brunch, actually!

The perks of being in a gay relationship:

Speaking of, don’t forget, the Catholic Church doesn’t think you deserve love if you’re gay.

In case you were wondering, the Babadook meme came about because for whatever reason, Netflix put it in their LGBT category.

The Scottish Episcopal church will have same-sex matrimony!

Okay, one more Surviving the World:

The Harry Potter books: as titled by Ron and Hermionie

The touching facebook post of an ally cop.

Amazing video of a gorilla playing in his bath.  Really adorable!

Kesha’s new song is amazing:

The French marching band played a Daft Punk medley for the President, but can we talk about the fact that they march French horns?  I mean, if any country would, it’s France….but still, why not just use a mellophone?

A court is allowing Mississippi to enshrine anti-LGBT discrimination in law.

In case you forgot, the Catholic Church is a hate group.

And in what is really, really worrying (now with a solid five conservatives on the court, please, please hang on Kennedy!), SCOTUS has agreed to take on a ‘religious freedom’ aka I want to legally discriminate so I’m hiding behind Jesus, lawsuit.

The miracles of Jesus…under Trumpcare:

And finally, some are hailing these ads of previously anti-gay family members apologizing to those they’ve hurt.  But here’s the deal.  That then puts the onus on us, as queer people, to always take the high road and say we forgive them and welcome them back.  Sometimes we’re tired.  Sometimes we don’t want to.  Sometimes the pain of cutting someone out of your life is so great, that opening that wound again to let them back in isn’t a possibility.  Maybe don’t be an ass in the first place.  Look at your life, look at your choices.

That’s it for now, have a great one!

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