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Miakonda Training week 7

The triumphant return of PRANK! As the event was called, “PRANK got all our shots and we’re shaking off the winter SADs,” and it was so wonderful to run with people again! And just like any good PRANK it included snacks, questionable routes, teenagers running with us for about a block and even a wave from another runner across the street in the middle of the night! Otherwise, had to do a lot of shuffling days around this week due to schedules, but I got it all in, and had a really good speed workout!

  • Monday: 8 miles. Tiny loops in the neighborhood.
  • Tuesday: 5 miles. More tiny loops.
  • Wednesday: Rest.
  • Thursday: 7 miles. Tempo workout: 14 minutes/4 minutes recovery/12 minutes 5K pace. Nailed it!
  • Friday: PRANK! Two loops (or two and a half, since we merged two together on the last one), 13 miles.
  • Saturday: Rest.
  • Sunday: 18 miles. The clouds opened up after five miles and I got soaked in a cold, cold rain. Never let up the rest of the day. Wanted to do two more to get my first 20-miler under my belt this cycle, but I did extra at PRANK and my hands were frozen so I called it at 18.
  • Long run fuel: Tailwind, Bobo’s Bar, Gu.
  • BWF/Core work: Got Zombies, Run: The Home Front to work on my other phone so did a bodyweight workout. It’s becoming a nice little habit as I put clean laundry away on Sunday evenings.
  • Yoga: Got halfway through my practice and was just not in a mental state to continue so I called it early. Still some good stretching and some good progress, just not my day. But that’s okay!
  • Stretching: I did my stretching routine after every run!

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