Today's Mighty Oak

My passion for you is like a cockroach: It’s mostly active at night, it frightens the elderly, and it’s completely impervious to nuclear weapons

Another quick update for you. First up, open this link and play this song in the background for the next hour.  It’s the theme from Jurassic Park slowed down 1000 times (but kept at the same pitch)

Check out these awesome images of a “cloud tsunami

Today (or at least in ten minutes), is National Darwin Day!  Hooray!

Want to bet on the National Dog Show?  One, you probably have a gambling problem, two, Slate has you covered on who to bet on.

Want hot soup delivered to you each week (in Pittsburgh)?  City Paper profiles a new business, pretty awesome!

And finally, I’ve never heard of National Geographic’s Director of Adventure, but I want it, so I can have this office:


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