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O24 2020: Week 6

Things just still felt off this week and I was really slow. I’m sure part of it is a combination of the heat/humidity/sun, and I also need to do a much better job with both my sleep and my nutrition. I tried upping my calories before longer runs, but I’m still bonking a bit.

I keep trying to remind myself that this year is anything but typical. Right now, I don’t feel like I’d be ready to run an ultra in a week (had Eagle Up not been cancelled), but I also don’t have the benefit of the end of that training plan and its taper. Throw on all the psychological craziness and the heat and I need to remember to be more forgiving to myself.

  • Monday: Rest.
  • Tuesday: 4 miles.
  • Wednesday: 7 miles. Speed work: Tempo: 14min/4R/12min.
  • Thursday: 8 miles.
  • Friday: Rest.
  • Saturday: 20 miles. Ran two out and backs on the Westmoreland Heritage Trail, and actually met someone from my gym who was volunteering at one of the trail heads! The run felt good, albeit a little slower than I hoped, but not out of any ordinary realm, so maybe I’m more on track than I thought.
  • Sunday: 14 miles. My friend Joel was running his virtual marathon so I joined him for two (socially distanced, masked) loops. I specifically ate a bit more and that seemed to help, but about three miles from the end, I caught a huge whiff of diesel fuel from the Parkway and it turned my stomach in a bad way. Joel ran on and I walked/ran in the last bit of it as best I could. The beginning of the run felt good, and was faster than I expected, so not a total loss.
  • Long run fuel: Tailwind, Nuun, Bobo’s bar, Gu, Justin’s honey peanut butter packet.
  • BWF/Core work: Just one workout this week, I might add in some of the Zombies, Run! Home Front workouts for something different.
  • Stretching: Much better this week, although I still need to get back into the habit of this every day.
  • Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000K progress (1021K): 200/634 miles.
  • Runnsylvania 283 progress: 0/283 miles. This challenge starts today, I figured since I’m running across Tennessee, might as well also run across my home state!

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