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Our minds must be conflicting because you say plague of snakes and all I hear is Easter bunny, Easter bunny, Easter bunny

Quick update for everyone, check it out:

I know this is being used at Occupy Seattle, not my cup of tea (I’m not a fan of the type of sleeping bag), but it’s pretty cool:

This might be the best tip ever:

io0 has a picture tour of the seed vault: humanity’s only hope if we lose agriculture

Not much to add to this, it’s the trailer for The Avengers:

Mikey Welsh apparently predicted his own death, with striking accuracy.

A filmmaker pits Siri against his real life assistant.

Iran is calling Occupy Wall Street (and the Occupy movement) the “American Spring.”  And so many people agree, including (the cows of) Ben and Jerry:


And finally…what if Dr. Seuss….had written a book on Sex Ed?

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