Today's Mighty Oak

blatanly stollen from Jolene's away message, but it is so perfect:

some nights this is easy to swallow
others, it just tears me apart
sometimes this is overexaggerated
but mostly it's pretty accurate
& sometimes i fall apart right in front of you
& it doesn't really suprise me that you don't notice..

I was very accomplished yesterday:

I finished the newspaper (sent in this morning, although I had to send corrections as two pictures didn't go through, but no biggie).

I finished Myst V: End of Ages (Yeesha was teetering and about to fall off the deep end.  Escher was a bastard, which I knew from the moment he blamed the fall of D'ni on Tian'na.  It was good to see Atrus one last time, and how I love the Bharo!)

I re-taped the 4-square court to regulation size

I recovered from being sick the night before, some weird thing where I went to bed feeling fine, then woke up to puke (and no, there was no alcohol involved last night).

Anyone want to go to Cleveland Saturday November 26 for a concert (the saturday after thanksgiving)?

Check out the concert
Tickets range from $20-$55

Seriously…I'll drive

Does anyone have the song "Radio Tokyo" by Marvelous 3?  I really want it…

Radio Tokyo
by Marvelous 3
album: ReadySexGo (2000)

Seven hours later
She takes the elevator
To the second floor
To the underground commitee

That's where they'll decide if
You'll be praised or you'll be tied up
On the bathroom floor
As you scream for more

All the souls are dying
While the idiots are trying
To convince you that they're cooler
But they still don't know
They're about to lose control
And they'll be saying now

Calling radio Tokyo
The lines are down, you're good to go
Now can't you feel
This is real
Calling radio Tokyo
The kids are feeling way too low
They're on their knees
Won't somebody please just bring them home

Get out of the black car
On the sidewalk of the big stars
Of the now and then
Kinda feels a little late

Someone had a bad day
So they sold your soul on Ebay
With an 8 x 10
Autographed in pen



Seven hours later
They stopped the elevator
To the second floor
And there was no more



So much going on…

I'm glad the JetBlue disaster was averted…I love that airline!

With hurricaine Rite coming in, Bush has pledged to be ready this time.  In one fell swoop he not only confirmed how inept he is as a president, how little he did in the wake of Katrina, but also how egotistical he really is…/sarcasm: what a suprise that he would help Texas, I wonder why he would do such a thing /end sarcasm.

I just watched the video on the making on End of Ages…I really liked it, except it didn't talk about URU at all…it's such an important part of the Myst series, I don't see how they could just disregard it (oh wait, they showd the CC box once…).

Well, back to work (and EoA) I go!

"Briefly he looked about him at the room he'd made, pleased by his efforts, then, picking up his pen again, he began to write, setting down the final words. The ending that was not a final ending."

I think Deg said it perfectly.  There is still hope for Cyan Worlds, but I don't forsee anything anytime soon.

Ok – for those reading this who aren't Myst fans (a.k.a. – anyone who isn't Tim…hehehe), the company that created Myst (and Riven, URU and End of Ages and worked with Exile and Revelation) has ceased to be.  Getting the E-mail from Ubi saying End of Ages shipped I think solidified it in my mind…it feels so weird.  It should be here in a couple days…I can't wait, and yet I don't want it to be over…

Part of me too is worried that I'll make the wrong choice in the game and won't be able to go back and see all the endings…but I'm sure that won't be the case, I"m sure I can play through again and do it differently if I have the time.

Part of me also thinks that Latus was/is going to be in the D'niverse….just not connected to Atrus, Catherine, Gehn, Anna, Sirrus, Achenar or Yeesha, but hopefully we'll find out.

Other than that, just working on homework and stuff….in case you haven't found out…our normal 4-square time is going to be Sunday nights at 11 outside of Gerry.  Come out and take a break from studying and bring some friends!

Well, I finally got MSN to work last night, crisis averted (At least for now) – Thanks Tim!

I've shortlisted the names for the "Name Mike's Car Competition."  In case you want to vote and don't have me on AIM, here is the list (for my 2001 White Pontiac Aztek):

Nigel the Lebanese Dreamcar
Commodore Schmidtlap
White Streaker
The Glacier
Crane's Commanding Carriage

Remember: votes are due by Friday at midnight!

My Aztek looks like this, but it is white:

In other news, same stuff as always I suppose.  I really question myself when I talk…becasue I know when I speak my mind, people get offended and hurt.  I see where other people are coming from (in and out of conversation), but you'd have thought I've learned my lesson to just shut up…nah.  So on that note, I'm going to disappear today, possibly tomorrow as well, at least then I won't be around to cause trouble!

Have a great one everybody!

So quick note – MSN Messenger decided to stop working today….sorry about that Tim, hopefully I"ll be able to get it working soon.  I hope you got my messages while I was frantically being signed in and out….it was like MSN was having a seizure

The Luau was yesterday, four ambulances this year…part of me feels bad for the people who went to the hospital, most of me hopes this campus will learn it's lesson (but it probably won't).

Other than that, things have been going I suppose, I had a "meeting" with Jamie, basically I told him I almost quit The Review and he found a way to make it my fault…no suprise there.

Life continues on as it must I suppose, hopefully I'll be able to do something fun tonight.

I really don't know what to say, things have been so crazy.

I'm stuck in the middle of a staff that is fighting, the administrators are only paying attention to me and agreeing to meet with me beause I was on the verge of quitting.

It feels so weird to be here this weekend, it's like I all of my friends who left abandonded me and were trying to get away from me, it's kinda confusing.

I did go out on Saturday (Jolene came with me!) and I got the last of my posters laminated and hung up, got cigars and got shampoo!

Bobbie and Teri are here and I'm meeting them for brunch, I"m so excited!

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