Today's Mighty Oak

Cancelled class this morning. Although it is my favorite class this semester, so I was actually sad I didn't have it.

Work continues on the Yahoo! plansbook, its coming along pretty well.

Well, off I go, time to do some work in the office and homework and such. Enjoy the snow!



This is entry number two.

Two is the name of The Calling's latest albumn. Very awwwesome (their first one was titled "Camino Palmero," you should check them out.

I've been eBaying for Zach, trying to find him an mp3 player, no luck thus far, but I'm making progress.

Well, off to a PR exam…


Hey look! I got one of these now too!

Time will tell if I update this thing…



404: Not Found

Well this is embarassing.

Sorry, but the content you requested could not be found, I’m looking for it right now, sit tight.

In the meantime, may I suggest this instead:



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