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Pfitz 12/47 Week 2

The theme of this plan seems to be every Friday I’m muttering “Uncle Pete is trying to kill me.”

However, I have to say, I’m getting faster, or at least I’m getting more confident at how fast I should be running.

  • Monday: Rest.
  • Tuesday: General aerobic + speed: 7 miles with 6×12 second hills and 6x100m strides; Hills at 9:14 pace, strides at 8:57. Once again, I think I can push these a little faster, so I’ll try that next week.
  • Wednesday: Endurance: 8 miles.
  • Thursday: BWF. Did not want to do this, but got it done anyway.
  • Friday: Lactate threshold: 7 miles with 18 minutes LT interval/4 minutes recovery/12 minute LT interval; 9:31 pace.
  • Saturday: I have to shuffle around a few dates due some things next (this) week, so I moved my recovery 9 miles from Wednesday to today.
  • Sunday: Endurance: 11 miles. Two loops on the jail trail with Liz and Steve. It was sunny and warmer than we wanted, but I was so happy for the company. They peeled off and did 20 and I headed home to brew beer!
  • Stretching: I’ve been doing my full stretch/IT band/knee rehab routine after each run. Things are feeling a bit better (although I didn’t have the chance to on Sunday and I felt it later that day).

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