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Port Authority TDP Banners

Second change banner

TDP Banner 2

This is the banner for the second roll-out of changes for the TDP (Transit Development Plan) by the Port Authority.  Something about it was bugging me,

and for the longest time, I couldn’t figure it out.  Then it finally hit me.  The banners, especially the first iteration, remind me a lot of the artwork used in the card game “Beer Money.”

Beer Money

Beery Money boxart

The first round of changes was ushered in by a purple banner, which matched the Beer Money cards and box (shown below).

But I do like them a lot.  The movement, although more understated, matches the banner at the top of their website and I do love the choice of bus that they used (one in good repair, with their name all over it), but I digress.

These are seen on the side of buses, as well as inside (think ads in the NYC Subway, above everyone) as well as online.  I’m still trying to locate the first banner, and if I can find it, I’ll put it up here.

And now for a shameless plug: want to read more about PAT?  Check out my (almost regular) weekly column, PATransit Tuesdays, over at Pittsburgh Metblogs.

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