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“My cousin just died. He was only 19. He got stung by a bee – the natural enemy of a tightrope walker.”

Couple more updates for you today:

Crazy use of homeland security money.  Sigh.

My friend Patrick discusses his license plate, and how it made him a celebrity.  Fun story.

Unplggd has a cool article about how to keep your earbuds.  Neat idea.

Here’s the duet with Siri:

This deserves its own post, but what the hell?  Stealing babies from people you deem are unworthy?  What the crap, Catholic church?

A fantastic headline for Occupy: We’re Here, We’re Unclear.

And as much as I don’t like his writing, Charles Mudede tells us to stop comparing Occupy to the Tea Party:

Total rubbish. If the members of the Tea Party were about deficits and big government, then they should have gone nuts under Bush. No such thing happened. They only went nuts when the president became black. There is nothing more to them than that.

I tend to agree.

And Paul Constant follows up with the inevitable usage of Godwin’s Law:

Don’t these people see an echo of the swastika in their new power symbol? Don’t they realize that the early Nazi Party was (among other things, obviously) also overtly anti-capitalist?…Don’t they know that the early Nazis tried to garner sympathy with street rallies and marches?

One month in, conservatives still have no idea how to respond to Occupy Wall Street and it is freaking them the fuck out.

They’re talking about the hashtag buy the way, the way Twitter is searched, aka, the number symbol: #

And one more political quote for you, this one from Conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan (as seen on The Daily Show, not sure where it came from first):

Bush and Saddam – One Trillion dollars and thousands of US lives.

Obama and Qaddafi – One Billion dollars and zero US lives.

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