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RFP Week 8

Race week! Or at least, race week for an ultra I crewed! The official 2019 r/running Meetup took on the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival in Las Vegas under the name PRorER: Paces Wild.

I’ll have a full write-up about it, but it was a fantastic weekend and I loved it so much. To accommodate travel and the race, I moved some things around, but still got everything in!

  • Monday: 5 miles.
  • Tuesday: 4 miles.
  • Wednesday: 5 miles.
  • Thursday: 6 miles with speedwork: Intervals, 4 x 400. Ran in the morning then grabbed my flight to Vegas.
  • Friday: Rest day.
  • Saturday: 14 miles. I ran at night, pacing various team members and trying some new fuel! Full recap coming!
  • Sunday: Rest day. Although most of my 14 miles were on Sunday, I just happened to start before midnight.
  • Core/strength: Plan is to get back to this this week!

I was lucky that this down week coincided with the meetup race, and I’m so lucky we had enough awesome crew that I could step away for a bit and run/pace. Anyway, back at it already with another big push this week!

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