Today's Mighty Oak

Some people change, others hang on till they can’t anymore

Nike comes through with another awesome ad:

Want to have the Dr. Horrible remote control on your phone?  Just use this bookmark.

Oh, American’s aren’t so smart about our own country.  But I think we knew that.

Copyranter discusses an anti-war ad, but really, I think it does better promoting the need for a better VA:


High school students in Boston were working to get rid of their abstinence-only sex education, because they were fed up with not knowing anything…and having to learn everything from porn.  Awesome, and sad, story.

This is pretty awesome, Super Mario Bros. 1-1, in first person perspective:

And super awesome, on Ash Wednesday, if you can’t make it to church, just grab this QR code instead.  I love augmented reality!


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